24 Hour Fitness Reviews

24 Hour Fitness Gym is the biggest private fitness center on the planet today, and it’s one of the most popular in the world. The company was founded by  Mark S. Mastrov, and it is currently run by Elizabeth Blair, who is the CEO. While the company has undergone several changes in its history, it is presently under the ownership of  Forstmann Little & Company, an equity firm.

The company’s motto is “improving lives through fitness”. Aside from their numerous fitness centers, the center also has a nutritional arm called the Apex Fitness Group. In addition, 24 Hour Fitness has also worked with NBC on the reality show “The Biggest Loser” and provides membership to US Olympic hopefuls. While it is already the largest fitness center in the world, the company is still in the process of expansion and intends to add more locations and reach more people.

Number of Locations

Rating: 9 / 10

With more than 400 locations around several states and three international locations, 24 Hour Fitness is the biggest of all fitness centers, and odds are pretty good you’ll find a location near you. If you’re looking for a gym that’s near your home or place of work, 24 Hour Fitness Gym is your best bet.

Membership Fee

Rating: 7 /10

Membership here doesn’t come cheap, and they vary not just according to location but also the type of membership you apply for. You can apply for one club or multiple, from the moderate to the high end. Monthly dues can range from $31 to $59 depending on the type of membership you choose. Payment can be made monthly or pre-pay, so there’s flexibility here at least.


Rating: 7 / 10

Again it varies depending on the location, but most of their gyms are well maintained and very spacious. Their gyms also have a dedicated crew keeping the gym clean and tidy. In addition, most gym members are behaved and wipe off the equipment after using them, and there are always staff to take care of it if necessary.

Workout Machine Maintenance

Rating: 8 / 10

If there’s one thing that 24 Hour Fitness is known for, it’s that their equipment are always well maintained and updated. All their gyms have state of the art cardio machines and equipment. There are also plenty of free weights to choose from, so if you’re looking for a particular piece of gym equipment it’s probably here.

Too Busy

Rating: 7 / 10

24 Hour Fitness is a popular fitness center, so it should not be surprising if the gym is busy, especially from the hours of 11 in the morning until the early afternoon. If it wasn’t for the fact that they have a spacious gym, you’d have a hard time finding space and equipment to use in the weight room. Even so, this isn’t one of 24 Hour Fitness’ strongest points.


Rating: 9 / 10

As far as amenities goes 24 Hour Fitness is pretty hard to beat. Not only do most locations have a pool, but depending on the location and membership you choose, you could avail of a sauna, a lounge, and a personal trainer who will develop a program to suit your physical requirements.

In addition to these, 24 Hour Fitness gyms have free towel services, free weights, a steam room,  coin collect lockers and executive lockers. While some additional fees may apply to a few amenities, most are free to members.

Customer Service

Rating: 9 / 10

If you take a look at reviews of 24 Hour Fitness you’ll notice that most of them have positive things to say about the personal trainers, and this extends to the rest of the staff. This is one of the strongest points of 24 Hour Fitness, as their trainers are very friendly and engaging. In addition, their customer support is always there to provide assistance in case you have issues with your membership or have inquiries.

Locker Room and Shower

Rating: 8 / 10

There are few issues with their locker rooms and showers. There have been a few cases reported of the locker rooms not being clean, but it’s more to do with some members rather than any shortcoming of the staff. For the most part, their locker rooms are very serviceable as are the showers.

Overall Experience

Rating: 8 / 10

24 Hour Fitness gyms are by and large, very accessible and provide the needs of gym rats or novices. The biggest concern here would probably be the fact that their gyms tend to get packed, but with so many locations available, it’s hardly going to be a problem. Plus, the flexible payment options means you can choose which plan suits your needs and budget, something other gyms cannot provide.


[usrlist “Number of Locations:9” “Membership Fee:7” “Cleanliness:7” “Workout Machine Maintenance:8” “Too Busy:7” “Amenities:9” “Customer Service:9” “Locker Room and Shower:8” “Overall Experience:8”]

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