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The Best Any Time Fitness Deals and Coupons

Trying to keep a healthy lifestyle can be pretty challenging especially if you do not know where to start. Living a healthy life is one of the trends right now. People want to keep their bodies and minds in a good condition so they want to get rid of that unwanted weight in the healthiest way possible. Some resort to strict diet programs, some perform rigid exercises, while others do both.

As we were all told in health class, you can achieve your target weight and lose the unwanted fat by dieting and exercising. If you want to begin your fitness journey, you can do two things. First, get rid of all the junk and fast food and try to eat healthier meals. Go organic, follow the food pyramid, get into a juice cleanse, or try eating lesser carbs. Second, get into a fitness routine by consulting fitness gurus or to makes simpler, just go enrol yourself to the gym.

Fitness centers have sprouted like mushrooms because of the demand. However, it is important to choose a gym that suits your needs, offers excellent programs, and has outstanding fitness trainers on board. One of the best gyms that you can find is Anytime Fitness.

Why Choose Any Time Fitness

    • It is Always Open
      Who does not love gyms who are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? A gym that has this kind of feature definitely makes working out a lot more convenient especially to those who have busy schedules. It does not matter if you want to hit the gym before bed time or if you wish to work out before the sun rises since it is always open.
    • A Great Fit
      Anytime Fitness will surely fit any lifestyle because of the diverse equipment and programs they offer.
    • You Can Visit Any Club, Anytime!
      Some gyms have memberships that will only be valid at the location where you applied for it. That is definitely not how things work at Anytime Fitness since with just a single membership, you can choose any Anytime Fitness club at any location any time at no extra charge. This is perfect for those who like to move around a lot.
    • 24 hour tanning
      Get a tan at your most convenient time. You can purchase the unlimited tanning service together with your membership or you can just pay right after you tan.
    • Amazing Amenities
      Anytime Fitness offers the best amenities that would make every workout worthwhile. With excellent trainers and state of the art equipment, you can never go wrong with this gym.
    • Safety is a Priority
      This club always makes sure that their clients feel safe and secured by having surveillance systems installed.
    • Excellent Customer Service
      Each of their staff members were trained to provide the best atmosphere to all of their clients so you will surely feel comfortable even at your first day.

Even if they have a lot of amenities and outstanding services, they can be a bit pricey for an average person. Sure their fees are reasonable, but if you are someone who has a lot of other financial responsibilities, you would want to spend lesser than usual. Fortunately, there are now Anytime Fitness deals that you can take advantage of.

The Best Anytime Fitness Deals

Listed below are a few of the deals that can be found online

1. 7 Days Trial Pass

Want to try Anytime Fitness without having to pay anything? Get the 7 Days Trial Pass! You will get to enjoy all the amenities for 7 days without shelling out a single cent. This is probably one of the best deals online! Besides, who says no to free stuff?

2. Register for as  low as $9.95 per week

With this Anytime Fitness coupon, you will only need to pay a fraction of the usual registration fee.

3. Discounts everywhere!

Anytime Fitness usually has one day offers that you should watch out for. There are even times that they only charge a dollar for registration.

4. Free Gifts

There is a coupon for those who want a free gift from Anytime Fitness. Get this if you enjoy free stuff because I do!

5. 10 Dollar Discount

If you wish to get 10 dollars off of you monthly gym fee, then take advantage of this deal now.

The Anytime Fitness coupons that you will see online would sometimes be a little bit overwhelming due to the fact that the fitness center really loves giving away good offers to their soon to be and existing clients. However, you should always keep in mind that you need to take note of the expiration code of the deals before you acquire them.

There are some deals that are still on-going and there are those that have an expiration.  A perfect example of an offer that expires is their ONE DAY ONE DOLLAR registration fee.  If you wish to stay up to date with all their amazing offers and deals, a great tip would be subscribing to their newsletter. You can also follow them on social media sites like Facebook if you are not the e-mail type of person.


  1. by it being un-monitered after about 5pm,I have witnessed many members bringing non paying people with them, thus enjoying the gym that members pay for, and members pay for repairs

  2. i have 2 son they will be 15 in may and i would like to get a membership just for the 3 of us and my husband is retired MARINE so do u do military discount? and can i pay my membership with cash cause i don’t have a checking account only a saving account so i be
    paying cash . and do u have any deals going on

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