Bally Total Fitness Deals

Bally Total Fitness is reputed to be the pioneer in the development of world-class health clubs. This recognition is just the natural result of their decades of experience in the area of physical fitness. Each Bally gym is designed to provide the best tools, equipment and professional assistance to help every member achieve their fitness goals.

Most gyms offer the same fitness equipment, machines, tools and facilities. Customers can only differentiate one gym from another by the personal services and attractive deals that each gym is offering.

Bally Total Fitness boasts of excellent customer service that makes gym experience a thing to be enjoyed, and not just to sweat it out. And their tempting deals are very hard to resist because of the savings that they offer.

Bally Total Fitness Deals

It is not difficult to see the quality of customer service this fitness gym offers their members.  There is a wide variety of classes, where you can take advantage of the knowledge, dedication and expertise of their certified instructors. They will provide you a specialized workout at a price you can easily afford.

But these are not just what this gym offers. There are a lot of attractive deals that they offer their gym members every now and then. Here are just some of the tempting deals that will make you snatch them while they’re still available.

    • $0 Enrollment Fee plus No Long Term Contract
      With this deal, you will be allowed to use the facilities of the gym and get help from their fitness coaches for a period of 7 days – without cost. This is to introduce you to the kind of gym culture Bally Total Fitness is very proud of.
    • $10 Discount for every payment of $75.
      If you opt to pay a membership fee that is more than $75, Bally Total Fitness will take $10 off from your payment.
    • Bally Fall Challenge
      In this deal, Bally offers you 3 months free membership if you join the club now. The lowest gym membership at Bally Total Fitness ranges from $10 to $30 per month. So, you will be saving from $30 to $90 if you take this offer. But there is an expiration date for this offer, so you need to get in touch with the Bally gym nearest you.
    • Free Gift
      Bally Total Fitness deals include the offer of a free gift if you join the club now. This offer expires on October 5, 2014. So if you are thinking of joining this club, this is the right time to get this freebie, and the other freebies the club is offering.
    • Bally Total Fitness Printable (online) Coupons
      A printable coupon will enable you to pay only $9.99 for a one-month membership to Bally. The regular value of this type of membership is $59.99 therefore; you will be able to save as much as $50.

More about Bally Total Fitness Membership Fees

There are several factors that may affect the cost of your membership in Bally Total Fitness. These factors are your place of residence, the level of services you want, and the type of access to the gyms that you prefer.

Joining the club is very easy because you can do it online through their official website.  But if you want to be sure about the cost of the type of membership and accessibility that you want, you need to complete a form and wait for a Bally representative to call you.

Normally, a thirty-day trial membership will cost you less than $20. With this trial membership, you are allowed access to the Bally gym of your choice. You are also allowed to join all the fitness classes and their weight loss program during this trial period.

If you want, you can also have your fitness levels evaluated with three standard fitness tests. You will be assisted by a personal trainer in the muscular fitness, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility tests.

Joining Bally Total Fitness Online

Bally has the easiest and quickest way of joining a fitness club. You only need to choose the nearest club to your residence or office and select the membership that fits your style.

If you are unsure, their fitness coaches will help you choose the best membership for you. There are three types of membership that you can choose from: a) National Access – flexibility to work out at any of their nationwide clubs, b) Local Access – access to all the clubs in your region, and c) One Club Access – use of a single club.

In addition, Bally also offers a complete line of fitness accessories, athletic apparel, and nutritional supplements at online stores, and more than 350 sports and health shops nationwide. Bally Total Fitness also offers these products at special discounted prices at various times of the year.

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