Body Beast Reviews

After sweating buckets using CrossFit or P90X, you actually lost weight and got back in shape. Despite the many kudos though, you just do not seem to be getting the second looks from the ladies. So why exactly did you not buff up like you wanted to? Find out how Body Beast can give you the body you want in this review.


Rating: 9/10

Stop stressing yourself because with Body Beast you can focus on working and enhancing those muscles. The cost of the workout program depends on what works for your budget. There are four Body Beast Packages available:

Base Kit for $89.95
Huge Stack for $200.70
Beast Stack for $254.70 and
Body Beast Challenger Pack which has the best value for $200.00

Intent of the Fitness Program

Rating: 9/10

Most of the workouts in the market these days are more focused on strengthening your core muscles. You are following workouts that improve your cardio and conditioning. Essentially, what all these do is burn calories while Body Beast is pure muscle building.

Body Beast comes from the same team that brought you Insanity, P90X and Les Mills Combat. It is not about losing weight and here lies its uniqueness. If you are doing this workout, you want to get bigger.

Difficulty Level

Rating: 8/10

An important thing to understand about Body Beast is you will be pushed to and beyond your limits. Though the workouts are shorter than what you may have experienced with CrosFit for instance, they are definitely harder and more intense.

A typical day would include up to one hour of lifting weights focused on developing specific muscles. No, you would not have a lot of rest periods in between. Dynamic set training is the philosophy of Body Beast according to its creator and trainer, Sagi Kaley. This concept according to Sagi develops more muscles within a shorter time period.

Following specific reps sequences and sets in the workout, you are able to get the most workouts from your muscles. This increased muscle tension allows you to get a more effective workout at almost half the time.

The workout program starts with lighter weights and high repetitions. By the end of the fourth set, you will find yourself lifting much heavier weights and low repetitions. And while you are thinking what you got yourself into, Kaley and the rest of the people on the videos are pushing you to go further.

Equipment/Space Needed

Rating: 9/10

Apart from a DVD player, nice speakers hooked to a working TV set, you do not need a lot of expensive equipment to do this workout. A set of adjustable dumbbells or weights is essential. The exercises can be done at home or any area large enough for fitness routines.


Rating: 8/10

You will not run out of weight loss, calories burning workout routines. You can even go online to check them out. Body Beast is the only workout specifically designed for people that want to gain size.

Because men judge themselves on their muscle sizes, Body Beast is designed specifically for the guy who wants to start pushing himself towards that direction. It is also recommended for bodybuilders looking for workout routines that can push their limits further.

Keep in mind though that for someone who has never tried weight training, this is a very challenging workout. While completely doable for a beginner, it is best for first-timers to start a little slowly.

Primary Areas Worked

Rating: 9/10

Since Body Beast is designed to build muscles, the focus of the weightlifting exercises is on the biceps and triceps. The pectoral muscles are also given a lot of work as well as leg and thigh muscles during “leg day” exercises.

Program Length/Frequency

Rating: 8/10

The DVD workout is for 90 days and supposing you are a good boy doing as he is told, you can expect to bulk up to about 20 pounds of pure muscle at the end of the 90-day workout. Each workout day is 50 minutes long.

The Body Beast has three phases within the 90-day workout. In the Build Phase, you will be guided on proper breathing, lifting and how to properly engage. The Bulk Phase is a six-week, nothing but serious heavy lifting workout routines. You have been taught how to do it right, you are now going to sweat it.

The final three weeks is called the Beast Phase where you wrap up the journey, leaving scrawny old you for the brawny muscle man you want to be. Each phase requires you to work out for six days with one day reserved for resting.

Customer Support

Rating: 9/10

The program comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. All you need to do is check out Beachbody’s 24/7 customer support website or call their customer service number. Any inquiries or concerns would be attended to immediately.


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