ChaLean Extreme Reviews

We will assume that you have at least heard about the ChaLean Extreme workout from informercials or heard about it in gyms. Why else would you be reading this review? Most people have come across this workout out of familiarity with BeachBody’s line of fitness routines and products.

So why put out another workout routine? Why introduce another product along the lines of Insanity and P90X? Does this one actually work? To answer this question, taking a look at the extremely honest review of the workout routine can help you decide whether or not this is something you’d want to try.


Rating: 9/10

At $109.80, the ChaLean Extreme workout comes with a workout calendar and a body fat tester that helps you keep track of your progress throughout the program. It also comes with a guidebook titled Muscle Burns Fat plus 6 DVDs featuring 15 different workouts.

A 90-day Money back Guarantee comes with the purchase of the workout program. Additionally, you get five more freebies when you order directly from the BeachBody website:

  1. Thigh Toner Band for lower body resistance workouts
  2. Ab Burner that helps you tone your abdominal muscles and get that flat, sexy tummy.
  3. Pro Grade Resistance Band that helps burns calories and tones muscles faster
  4. Extreme Abs which are targeted exercise routines to get a flat tummy
  5. Fat Burning Food Guide that helps you watch your diet and eat only fat-burning food.

Ordering directly from the BeachBody website entitles customers to a free Express delivery upgrade, a $15.00 value. This allows you to get your product within 3 to 5 business days. Normal deliver would take up to 3 weeks.

This upgrade is available to customers from the U.S. excluding Alaska and Hawaii. So if you are serious about getting that toned body, visit the official BeachBddy website to place your orders.

Intent of the Fitness Program

Rating: 9/10

To help burn up to 60% of the total body fat and tone muscles to get a ripped, healthy look.

Difficulty Level

Rating: 8/10

Ideal for people starting to do fat burning exercises, a good starting platform for first timers as well as more experienced bodybuilders.

Equipment/Space Needed

Rating: 9/10

ChaLean Extreme can be done at home. Dumbbells and adjustable weights can be used as well as an exercise mat. The package already comes with a pro grade resistance band for muscle toning exercises.


Rating: 9/10

According to user rating and testimonials, ChaLean Extreme has exceeded expectations. The workout program claims that users can tone their bodies and get lean muscles regardless if you are a beginner or experienced bodybuilder. It also promises the same results regardless the users’ age.

There are users that claimed they lost four pound or 4% body fat in four weeks. Workouts are also motivational and fun, according to one used that lost more than 30 pounds after the 90-day workout program.

Primary Areas Worked

Rating: 9/10

The program creators, Beachbody explains that the workout is effective in building lean muscles. This would speed up your metabolism, helping you burn more calories and shed more fat.

Beachbody also explained that the workout routine is specifically designed to sustain high metabolic rates even after you have stopped exercising. They claim that your metabolism remains high even when you are sleeping, maximizing fat loss.

This is the reason results are visible after the first thirty days. Beachbody also claims that the workout decreases body fat up to 60% at the end of the 90-day period.

Program Length/Frequency

Rating: 9/10

ChaLean Extreme is a circuit training workout program. For 90 days, you get to practice and do the exercises at home. The training program has three month-long phases.

Each 30-day phase targets specific weight training and high intensity cardio training. This workout aims to make you leaner by the end of the training program.

Customer Support

Rating: 7/10

There are however, a few complaints about the product. There are reports of people saying they paid too much for the workout plan. There are those that said they had received incomplete products when their orders came.

Majority of these complaints however are from people that ordered from retail sites or authorized re-sellers. It is advisable then to order ChaLean Extreme directly from the Beachbody website to guarantee the quality of the products.

To sum it up, ChaLean Extreme has a lot of favorable feedback from satisfied users. Any concerns actually had more to do with how orders were processed and delivered by online re-sellers.

It is best to place orders from the BeachBody website to avoid problems concerning product and service quality. Not only do you guarantee you’ll get the real thing, you also receive awesome discounts and upgrades.

While ChaLean Extreme delivers the results it promises, it is important to maintain proper diet while doing the exercises. And though no restrictions pertaining to age were stated, it is best to consult with your physician before starting the workout and following the recommended diet plan. Otherwise, you are well on your way towards getting leaner, healthier and happier.


[usrlist “Cost:9” “Intent of the Fitness Program:9” “Difficulty Level:8” “Equipment/Space Needed:9” “Effectiveness/Results:9” “Primary Areas Worked:9” “Program Length/Frequency:9” “Customer Support:7” “Overall Experience:8.6”]

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