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CrossFit is not just a gym, but more importantly a workout philosophy. It was established in 2000 by Greg Glassman. CrossFit is an eclectic fitness program because it incorporates calisthenics, powerlifting, strongman exercises, plyometrics, gymnastics and other forms of exercises. This method is now currently being applied by more than 9,000 affiliate gyms across the world.

The objective of CrossFit is to improve one’s cardiovascular strength, enhance flexibility and increase muscular strength. CrossFit’s method targets the major components of physical fitness which include stamina, endurance, power, agility, speed, accuracy, cardiorespiratory fitness, coordination and balance.

The CrossFit way of training is to work out 3 to 5 days a week.  These workouts are short but of high intensity, where each set of exercise usually takes 5 to 15 minutes to complete. Typically, a combination of explosive workouts is done in a circuit manner where one exercise follows right after another. There is very little rest in between.

Number of locations

Rating: 9/10

CrossFit gyms are spread all over the world, including the United States, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand, England and other European Nations as well as the Middle East and the Asian countries. In the United States, all of the 51 states have several CrossFit gyms in operation.

Among the top CrossFit gyms in the United States are CrossFit Fenway in Boston, MA, San Francisco CrossFit in San Francisco, CA, CrossFit NYC in New York, NY, Windy City CrossFit in Chicago, IL, and CrossFit Central in Austin, TX.

The great numbers of CrossFit gyms operating all over the world seems to indicate that people of all races and creeds have found it to be effective in improving their physical fitness.

Cost to Join

Rating: 8/10

There are different membership fees that CrossFit charges owing to the different types of membership durations. Here are the details of the monthly membership fees:

a)    Unlimited – from month to month  $130.00
b)   Unlimited – 3 months                              $120.00
c)    Unlimited – 6 months                              $110.00
d)   Unlimited – 12 months                            $100.00

Those who are active in the military, police and fire service are offered special rates.

e)    Unlimited – month to month            $65.00
f)     3 months                                                       $60.00
g)   6 months                                                        $55.00
h)   12 months                                                     $50.00

CrossFit’s rating for this review is 8 because some of its customers complained that its membership fees are a bit high.


Rating: /10

The gyms of CrossFit are generally well-kept and well-organized. Since there are not too many equipment and machines used, it is rather easy to maintain their cleanliness.

Workout Machine Maintenance

Rating: 9/10

CrossFit does not rely too much on gym equipment and machines in its workout routines. But its gyms do have the basic rudimentary gym paraphernalia enough to obtain the fitness goals of their clients. Since there are only a few machines and equipment to maintain, CrossFit gyms are able to keep them in good working conditions. This review gives CrossFit a 9 for their good upkeep of their facilities.

Too Busy

Rating: 9/10

For those who are too busy to exercise, CrossFit gyms have special workout programs that can accommodate their needs. For instance, there are no more busy people than mothers and homemakers. Yet, CrossFit has designed a fitness program that will be convenient for mothers to perform.

Other amenities

Rating: 8/10

The usual CrossFit gym is a bare-bone operation where only the necessary gym equipment and machines are installed. Therefore it is seldom that their gyms have other amenities like swimming pools or basketball courts.

Since CrossFit has no additional amenities, this review gives it an 8.

Customer service or personal fitness

Rating: 8/10

As in any kind of product or service, CrossFit gyms have a group of customers who are happy with their service as well as those who are not. CrossFit has many affiliates all over the world and these affiliates are more or less operating on their own, even if they are supposed to get their marching orders from the parent organization. To achieve a perfect customer satisfaction rating, CrossFit must be vigilant in checking the way their affiliates are disbursing their services to their clients worldwide.

Since there are customer complaints, this review gives CrossFit a rating of 8.

Locker room

Rating: 8/10

CrossFit provides a safe environment to their clients while inside their premises. Lockers are provided on most of the gyms for the safekeeping of their clients personal properties.

Since not all of CrossFit gyms provide their clients their own personal lockers while inside the gym, this review gives them an 8.

Shower Ratings

Rating: 8/10

Showers are also provided in most CrossFit gyms so that customers can freshen up after working out.

Overall experience

Rating: 9/10

Over-all, the average customer who works out in a CrossFit gym is given all the opportunities and professional help that he needs to be able to achieve the physical fitness objective that he wants.


[usrlist “Number of Locations:9” “Membership Fee:8” “Cleanliness:8” “Workout Machine Maintenance:9” “Too Busy:9” “Amenities:8” “Customer Service:8” “Locker Room and Shower:8” “Overall Experience:9”]

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