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Expensive gym membership fees are one of the major ‘excuses’ that women offer when asked why they are not enrolled in a fitness center.  For most women, joining a gym can take its toll on their finances. Fortunately there are some fitness centers like Curves that accept coupons and offer deals designed to encourage more people to sign-up by giving substantial discounts to prospective members.

Curves is known as the fitness center exclusively for women. This chain of gyms that started in Texas in the early 90s focuses on proper weight loss guidance and strength training for women.  From its humble beginnings in Texas, the gym has branched out to other countries like Canada, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, and Australia. Other countries where Curves has a presence include Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

Membership Fees

The membership fees vary depending on the location of the Curves gym. In most US locations, the company charges members $13 every week inclusive of meal plans, training, and coaching. Thus in a month’s time, members would have to shell around $52 for a Curves gym membership which is quite pricey for some women.

This is not even inclusive of a joining fee, which often is in the $60 to $150 range. Summing up, women would have to pay hundreds of dollars in a year for their Curves membership.  But by availing of Curves deals and presenting Curves coupons, women can significantly cut down on Curves membership costs.

Curves Deals

There are many websites and establishments that have tie-ups with Curves. As Curves partners, these websites and establishments offer Curves deals to their members. The nature of the deals may vary. Some deals offer free discounted monthly membership. Some deals waive joining fees, while others offer discounted programming fees.

For example, wellness programme Vitality offers Curves deals to its members. Vitality members can become a member in any Curves gym without paying a joining fee, although they would have to pay the monthly membership fees as well.

Curves itself offers deals to prospective members. In the summer of 2014, the company offered a free summer membership to new members. This meant that new members who signed up until July 1 were not required to pay membership fees for the months of July and August. However, the deal was offered only by a limited number of participating Curves branches in the United States

In Australia, Curves has a discounted membership fee of $237 good for 12 weeks. That translates to around $19 for every week. Aussie women who avail of the offer can enjoy unlimited use of Curves circuit and get a 450 gram tub of the company’s Vanilla protein shake. However, members still have to pay the standard joining fee of $149.

Curves deals are also offered by websites that specialize in voucher discounts. These deals usually offer discounted membership in specific Curves branches, and require the voucher bearer to activate the membership before a certain date.   The discounted membership would enable women to burn up to 500 calories at a time and enjoy personalized circuit training and coaching.

Curves Coupons

Aside from availing of Curves deals, women can also get significant discounts by using Curves online coupons that are carried by many websites. There are lots of Curves coupons that women can use to avail of exciting discounts. Some Curves coupons offer discounted monthly membership fees, while others offer free unlimited use of Curves gym facilities for a week or so. Still many Curves coupons offer waiving of the joining fee as well as free one month membership.

Curves coupons can be found on almost all coupon websites. Women looking for Curves membership discounts can search for Curves coupons at popular coupon websites like GroupOn, RetailMeNot, SlickDeals, ShopAtHome, and Living Social.

Curves coupons usually don’t have an actual coupon code. Instead, these coupons have a link that you need to click. The browser then redirects to the website of Curves, and then you will automatically get the discount when you check out.

Women who want to take advantage of the discounts offered by Curves online coupons should, however, have to check first with the Curves website if the company does offer the discounts indicated on the coupons they found on the Internet.


Obviously, these deals and coupons can give a lot of savings to women who want to become a Curves member. Curves membership fees are quite expensive and a lot of women will find it hard to part with their hard-earned money in exchange for a gym membership. But by using Curves deals and coupons, they could get free gym membership for a month, or would not even have to pay the joining fee.  In the end, Curves deals and coupons will also enable a lot of women to achieve their weight-loss targets.

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