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Mention the name Equinox to any gym goer and chances are he’ll say a lot of positive things about this fitness club. Known as the fitness club of celebrities, Equinox is considered by many fitness buffs as the most expensive gym in the country. In fact when you enter in an Equinox gym, you’ll think that you are in a health spa with its juice bars, whirlpools, and saunas. You would also be in awe of its advanced locker rooms and equipment.

For years, Equinox fitness has targeted the upscale market with its impressive facilities.  Equinox started in 1991 at New York’s Upper West Side. Soon enough, the company built a reputation for its high-end facilities that could rival that of a luxury club. Equinox fitness gyms have amenities like pools, concierge service, daycare, personal training, boxing studio, and pilates.  Today, Equinox fitness gyms are found in big cities like Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.

Membership Fees

It’s not surprising that many people would want to join Equinox gym as a member. The biggest hurdle, however, is the price. It’s no secret that Equinox Fitness membership is very prohibitive. An initiation fee of $200 is required for its One Club Access, on top of the monthly fee of $143. If you want to cancel your membership, you have to pay $214.

For unlimited access to Equinox clubs, a monthly fee of $195 is charged and cancellation of a 1-year contract would mean paying $292.

The bottom line is that joining Equinox is expensive, which explains why many gym goers are on the look out for Equinox deals.

Equinox Deals

Equinox is  known to offer the $0 initiation promo, which means that you won’t have to pay the initiation fee to join the chain of gyms.

The $0 initiation promo is usually conducted when a new Equinox fitness gym opens. Sometimes, the promo is even conducted months before a certain Equinox branch opens. These are called preopening deals and usually give gym goers the best rates and savings.

In some cases, the company also offers the promo during the summer months. The $0 initiation deal usually ends during the last week of September. To avail of this discount, it is best to visit the Equinox website, www.equinox.com.

Equinox deals may also come in the form of credit card perks. American Express Platinum Card and Business Platinum cardholders are given various deals like free training sessions and signature massage if they sign up with Equinox and pay using their credit cards.

The training sessions at Equinox are quite pricey at around $75 while the signature massage has a fee of $115, so those who qualify for this deal can save substantial amount of money. In 2013, Equinox gave four free training sessions plus one 50-minute massage session. This meant that new members who paid their monthly fees using American Express credit cards were able to save around $400.

American Express credit card users also get discounts if they continue their Equinox gym membership. After their first year of membership, they could get a few extra sessions if they buy a certain number of sessions at participating Equinox gyms.

Equinox also offers discounts and privileges to employees of companies where it has partnerships with.  The fitness center also offers customized fitness and wellness programs to their partner-firms. Aside from discounted monthly membership fees and reduced joining fees, employees of Equinox partner- institutions can attend personalized seminars on weight management, stress management, and nutrition. Other privileges include special classes on yoga, pilates, and meditation as well as workshops on healthy cooking, preventative health, and post natal fitness.

Equinox Coupons

Another way to get Equinox discounts is to find Equinox coupons. Equinox coupons usually vary on the discounts being offered. There are some coupons that offer a free-three day trial membership that should be availed of before a certain day. Some also offer discounts to monthly fees. However, unlike Equinox deals, it is harder to find Equinox coupons online.

Still, it does not hurt to visit coupon websites which could occasionally offer Equinox discount coupons. These websites include Deal News, Living Social, Retail Me Not, and Krazy Coupon Lady.

Bottom Line

Compared to other fitness gyms, it is harder to get deals from Equinox. One can only speculate why Equinox rarely comes out with coupons for potential or existing members. One probable reason is that the company wants to retain its image of being the fitness center of choice for the affluent.  Frequently offering discounts to new members could only affect the branding of Equinox.

Still, it cannot be disputed that Equinox is one of the most revered names in the fitness industry. Many health buffs are in awe of the advanced equipment of Equinox, as well as its first-class amenities. For most of its members, paying tons of money for an Equinox membership is worth it.

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