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There are fitness gyms and then there are fitness gyms. Equinox doesn’t even call itself a gym. Instead, the company likes to refer to itself as an all around fitness center. Not sure what that means? Then why not try the Equinox free trial?

Yes, there is a free trial available. This will allow you to check firsthand what the facility has to offer and why so many people are paying full price to become a part of it. It is true that Equinox is one of the more expensive gyms and fitness centers in the US but with the free guest pass you can try it entirely for free.

Below is how you can obtain a guest, free, trial pass for Equinox:


Guest Pass Box

Guest Pass OfferedYes
Guest Pass Length7-Days
Guest Pass Cost$39.99
Photo I.D. RequiredYes
Credit Card RequiredNo

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Disclaimer: Prices shown above have been sourced from individual gym visits and other online sources. They may not cover recent changes. Contact the gym directly to find the exact pricing information.

Getting to Know Equinox

So what makes Equinox so different anyway? What sets it apart and why do hundreds and thousands of people pay high prices to become full members of this fitness club?

Equinox first opened its doors in September, 1991. Right from the very beginning there was something unique. Unlike other training facilities, Equinox wasn’t just a large room filled with weight lifting machines, dumbbells, and floor mats. Right from the beginning Equinox set itself out as a luxury gym.

It focused more on just weights and floor mats. You’ll find spas, daycare centers, tanning rooms, yoga classes, Pilates, boxing lessons, and more. Some of the newer facilities even have WiFi-enabled cafes and swimming pools.

People going to Equinox weren’t just going in to lift a few weights for thirty minutes. People that go to Equinox expect all-around perfection when it comes to the services and amenities given. Looking for an expert martial arts trainer or a Pilates trainer? You’ll find them all and more at Equinox.

Becoming a Member at Equinox

Equinox, being a luxury establishment, is understandably more expensive than the average gym. The initiation fee alone can cost up to $200, give or take depending on your location. Monthly fees can go from around $140 to $200 depending on the level of access you require (basic or premium).

That might sound like a lot but also consider what you are getting for your membership: top of the line training services, high-end gym equipment, and all-around amenities such as a café, free internet access, swimming pool access, and executive-type locker rooms.

The facilities are so clean you could literally eat off the floor at the locker room. You’re paying full membership and Equinox makes a point to ensure you enjoy every cent you invested.

If that all sounds a little too expensive, though, then don’t fret because you’re still in luck. There is an Equinox guest pass available.

The Equinox Free Trial

In general, the Equinox guest pass lasts for seven days. In some locations this might vary, from three days to a maximum of fourteen days or two weeks. The standard Equinox free trial is seven days however and that is also the number of days listed on the official website.

So what do you get with the free trial?

The free trial gives you full access to the fitness center and all of its amenities. You won’t be able to avail of the upper tier services such as online training and some of the more intricate lessons but you will be able to freely walk in and out of the premises as well as use any of the gym equipment.

This free trial is set up so you can see firsthand what you are getting for the money you’d pay when you go for the full membership. It’s a lot better than shoving videos and promotional posters since the free trial allows people to actually walk into the gym and use the facilities.

This free trial basically allows Equinox to speak for itself. You can try the facilities and everything it comes with for a full week. If you enjoyed the experience and you want more in-depth training assistance or you just want a gym that doesn’t look and feel like a sweatshop then you can always opt for the full membership later.

Is the free trial 100% free? You can still expect to pay roughly $10 to $40 depending on where you are but this amount if refundable in case you aren’t willing to pay full membership. The amount is just a deposit and will entitle you to a guest pass; a temporary ID which will let you in and out.

Is Equinox Worth a Try?

In many ways Equinox is the pinnacle of the gym-going experience. Everything you could ask for from a swimming pool to a spa and full-time trainers are given to you.

Knowing that the membership is a bit expensive and that the Equinox free trial is only for about seven days is it all worth your time and effort? The answer to that is a resounding yes! You get what you pay for and there is nothing more elaborate, more luxurious, and more in-depth than Equinox.


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    • Sign up 150$ gift card cannot be used to pay any part of your membership.
      Only PT, shop and spa. It’s not that useful.


      Free trial guest pass at equinox? Never heard of it. you can get a day pass but that’s it most of the time. And you have to speak to a sales rep to get it.

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