Focus T25 Reviews

Focus T25 is one of the popular new workout routines nowadays from the workout gurus at Beachbody. Their latest mega-hit, Focus T25 is a 25-minute long workout that helps you get to your top physical shape.


Rating: 9/10

To describe Focus T25 in a nutshell, it is a lower impact, slightly simpler version of BeachBody’s Insanity workout. It is 25 minutes long and it offers an intense complete body workout and at $119.85 per package, will push you to your cardio training limits.

Intent of Fitness Program

Rating: 9/10

To focus on developing one muscle group at a time. Making you move from one exercise routine after the next. Using intense strength and jump training, it aims to lose as many calories as possible in 25 minutes.

Difficulty Level

Rating: 9/10

Focus T25 is very challenging, period. While no doubt bowing down a little to the Insanity workout when it comes to extremity, it is not easy.

You are in for a 25-minute workout packed with total cardio and core strengthening workouts and there are no breaks. Sure, you can hit pause for a few seconds to catch your breath but that is it.

What makes Focus T25 popular is no doubt going to put your stamina and strength to the test, the exercise routines are not difficult to do. Unlike CrossFit and Insanity, where you have to force yourself to do the workout, the Focus T25’s routines are actually very doable.

It is 25 minutes of intense workouts, yes. But it is comprised of basic exercises that you already know. It is just that you keep on doing these exercises over and over throughout the 25 minute period, increasing the intensity. This is where the burning feeling in the muscles come from.

Equipment/Space Needed

Rating: 9/10

The workout is just 25 minutes long. You do not need flashy gym equipment and you can do the workout routines anywhere. So you would not have any excuses for not exercising.

The workout involves jumping a lot. You also would do a lot of squats, lunges and running. To describe the workout as unrelenting is an understatement. Before you know it, the 25 minutes have flown by and you are sweating bullets, burned down a lot of calories.


Rating: 9/10

Feedback from users are mostly positive. These are from the people that have followed the exercises and diet plans religiously. It is a workout ideal for people looking to get remarkable results in a few weeks.

A noticeable increase in energy levels is also an important advantage of Focus T25 over its competitors.

Primary Areas Worked

Rating: 9/10

Focus T25 is ‘focused” on strength training and cardio. It aims to burn as many calories as possible within half an hour. It develops strength and stamina, burning calories to enhance muscles at the end of the training program.

Program Length/Frequency

Rating: 8/10  

Though fairly similar to P90X workouts, Focus T25 does not have the same intensity as Insanity or even CrossFit. Without doubt though, you are going to sweat and burn a lot of calories at the end of the 25 minute workout.

The Focus T25 also do not require its users to work out more than five days a week unlike other products. You get the results you want at a much shorter period of time.

The workout is designed to suit people who want to lose weight and burn calories, regardless of age and fitness level. For beginners though, it may be a good idea to go through the base exercises before moving on to the more advanced levels. Same goes for anyone trying Focus T25 for the first time.

The fact that Focus T25 is only 25 minutes long is its main selling point. This is what makes the product stand out. You can do it anytime, anywhere and still get the results you need.

Customer Support

Rating: 9/10

Beachbody offers 24/7 Customer Support. You can order the program from their website or by calling one of their toll free numbers. Special discounts and offers are available for customers ordering directly from the website. Any questions or concerns about the product are addressed immediately. It is advisable to place orders only on the Beachbody official website so you can guarantee the quality of the products that will be delivered to you.

It is also important to check out customer reviews and testimonials that were posted about the exercise program before you finally decide to buy it.

Every order comes with a 90 day money back guarantee so you can be sure that you are going to end up with the exercise program that is right for you.


[usrlist “Cost:9” “Intent of the Fitness Program:9” “Difficulty Level:9” “Equipment/Space Needed:9” “Effectiveness/Results:9” “Primary Areas Worked:9” “Program Length/Frequency:8” “Customer Support:9” “Overall Experience:8.8”]

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