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What You Need to Know About Golds Gym Deals

For many people, Golds Gym is the most recognizable chain of fitness centers in the world. The mere fact that it is found in more than 600 locations around the globe makes Golds Gym
worthy of such acclaim. Plus, Golds Gym is the fitness center of choice of the stars. Celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dwayne Johnson, Tiger Woods, Morgan Freeman, Jessica Alba, and Jodie Foster are all Golds Gym members. They are just some of the more than 3.5 million members of Golds Gym across the planet.

Membership Fees

Golds Gym membership fees can be considered in the mid-range when compared with the membership rates of other gyms. One club access has an initiation or joining fee of $25 and monthly fee of $25. For unlimited access to clubs, the initiation fee is $55 while the monthly fee is $25. If you would like to pay annually, you’d have to shell out $198 a year for one club access on top of the initiation fee of $25. For unlimited clubs access, the annual fee is $348 aside from the initiation fee of $55.

Golds Gym Deals

While the membership fees of Golds Gym are quite reasonable especially when ranged against the rates of Equinox Fitness, you would naturally welcome discounted Gold Gym membership fees. Fortunately, Golds Gym is known to offer deals and discounts not just for potential members but also existing ones. The Golds Gym website is the best place to go to if you are on the lookout for Golds gym deals and specials. You could be sure that the deals you find on will be honored by any participating Golds Gym outlet.

One of the Golds Gym deals you can find is the free VIP pass. The length of time may vary depending on the Golds Gym location. Some offer three-day VIP pass while others have a seven-day VIP pass. With a free VIP pass, you could come to a Golds Gym location that is participating in the promo and see how the gym can help you in fulfilling your fitness goals.

As the name suggests, you could barge into the gym and use any of the equipment. You could also get assistance from gym personnel particularly in designing an appropriate workout plan. Getting a VIP pass can also give you access to the classes offered by Golds Gym. Even better, Golds Gym will not be asking you to commit to a long-term membership. You can enjoy three or five days of free entry to a Golds Gym location without being pressured to sign-up as a member. You could swim several laps in the pool, join a yoga class, or play pick-up basketball.

Golds Gym locations are also known to offer free one-month membership to new members. This type of promotion is usually offered by new Golds Gym branches. Even Golds Gyms that have been in operation for many years offer free one-month membership especially if they want to boost the number of their members. Other commonly offered Golds Gym deals include discounted membership fees, waiving of initiation fees, and free pass class.

Golds Gym Coupons

Another way to get a lot of savings on your Golds Gym membership is to find Golds Gym coupons online. These coupons have different offers or promos like free membership and discounted membership rates. The best way to find a Golds Gym discount coupon is to go to voucher websites like Living Social, Coupons and RetailMeNot, among others.

Simply use the keywords Golds Gym coupons and these websites should display a list of available or current coupons that you can use.Most of the time, the coupons don’t contain codes. Instead, the online Golds Gym coupons have a link that you need to click on. The browser will then forward you to the Golds Gym website. The discount would then be applied to your membership when you are about to sign out.


It is not difficult to understand why Golds gym deals and specials appeal to many health buffs and even people who lead a sedentary lifestyle yet itching to hit the gym soon. Aside from the fact that there are more than 600 Golds Gym locations, Golds Gym also boasts of having the most advanced gym equipment. Most of its cardio machines, in fact, have individual iPod docks as well as LCD televisions that help patrons maintain their motivation while they sweat it out.

Also, almost all Golds Gym locations have topnotch amenities like steam and sauna rooms, whirlpool, pools, tanning centers, and basketball courts.By taking advantage of Golds Gym deals and specials, new members and even existing ones can enjoy great savings while keeping themselves in tip-top shape. If you want to avail of thediscounts offered by Golds Gym coupons and deals, go to its official website or search for coupons on legitimate voucher websites.

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    Hi, my name is John and my friends and I are currently looking for a gym to join for the long run in the North Hills area. We have located one of your gyms in North Hollywood. But I have a question about a coupon I found online. It says it is $1 a month for 6 months and I was curious if it works in the North Hollywood, CA location.


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