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Before going over the details of the Gold’s Gym Free Pass, some information about the fitness center will be necessary so you know what you’re getting into. The fitness center was founded in 1965 in Venice Beach, CA and the site quickly became a favorite hangout of bodybuilders and became the place to be for pumping iron. This remains true to this day, and fortunately you can get a free trial and get an idea of what’s it like before coughing up the money.

Below is how you can obtain a guest, free, trial pass for Gold’s Gym:


Guest Pass Box

Guest Pass OfferedYes
Guest Pass Length1-Day
Guest Pass Cost$5.00
Photo I.D. RequiredYes
Credit Card RequiredNo

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Disclaimer: Prices shown above have been sourced from individual gym visits and other online sources. They may not cover recent changes. Contact the gym directly to find the exact pricing information.

The Gold’s Gym Free Membership Pass Benefits

The Gold’s Gym guest pass is exactly that, a 7 day free membership to Gold’s Gym. This redeeming VIP membership places you under no obligation at all so you can check out what the club has to offer without any risk. Since the pass is good for seven days, you’ll have plenty of time to check out how Gold’s Gym compares to other fitness centers.

There are thousands of Gold’s Gym locations in the US and the world, and the classes, tools and equipment may vary a little depending where you are. Even so, the following overview should serve as a guide to what you’ll get with a free membership. Essentially, the pass gives you access to personal trainers, classes and the center’s various amenities.


Classes are fast paced but the instructors ensure even guests know what they’re doing. Whether you’re into yoga, kickboxing or Zumbia, Gold’s Gym classes has you covered. Their yoga classes cover basic and advanced asanas (postures) and include body strengthening, emotional, physical and spiritual uplifting, so in short, it’s complete.

As a guest you can also check out their Zumbia class and take part in exhilarating aerobic routines that’s as healthy as it is fun. Their Studio Cycle classes on the other hand, teach you correct cycling methods, and the simulation is very realistic as well, whether it is climbing hills or going on flat roads. While the workout is challenging, the upbeat music keeps you going. Finally there’s the Mix Martial Arts class, great if you want to learn self-defense or just want to get in shape.


Gold’s Gym doesn’t just have a lot of classes, but also plenty of amenities that should make you feel right at home. Their Cardio Cinema showcases full length films via a home theater projection so you’re entertained while getting in shape. If you’re tired of listening to music and would rather watch movies, then Cardio Cinema will be up your alley.

If you have a free gold membership pass you can also try their Group Exercise Studio, a specially designed environment with temperature controls, sophisticated sound systems  and more than 50 Mind and Body, Zumbia and Les Mills classes every week. These classes are all supervised by world class instructors.

If you have kids and want to start them early, Gold’s Gym has its own Kids’ Club so you don’t have to worry about your kids while you work out. As you pump iron, trained staff will watch over your child in a safe environment where he / she can engage in fun activities and play under supervision.

Personal Training

For all the equipment that Gold’s Gym has, their best asset remains the personal trainers as they’re all world class and certified. With a free VIP or class pass, you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to work with someone who really knows what it’s like to get in shape.

To quality as a personal trainer in the center, one has to be certified and meet the standards set by Gold’s Gym, which is very high. It’s true you can work out alone in the gym and there are even exercise DVDs available, but nothing beats a personal trainer. For one thing, they’ll make sure that you’re doing the routines right and you don’t get hurt.

Second, having a personal trainer ensures there’s someone to make sure that you follow your goals and stay on the course. In addition, it’s always nice to having someone provide encouragement and motivation during rough days.

Is the Free Membership Pass Worth It?

The answer is yes, it definitely is. The pass is 100% free and if you’re not satisfied with what you see, you can go. As the information above shows however, there’s plenty to like in Gold’s Gym as the classes are varied and cover a lot of different workouts. You may be interested in only a few classes and that’s okay since there are several membership options anyway.

If you’re serious about getting in shape, hitting the gym is the way to go, and taking advantage of a free pass is a great way to get started. It also helps that Gold’s Gym centers are all over the country, so finding one won’t be difficult.

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