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Getting fit and living a healthy life has become a priority for a lot of people these days. Some opt to eat healthier meals like getting rid of carbs, go on a juice cleanse, or eat a 1200 kcal meal while some people prefer to work out three to six or even seven times a week. It is amazing how the world become hooked to the idea of living a healthier lifestyle. This is the reason why gyms and fitness centers have been flocked by a lot of people in the recent years.

I know you will all agree with me if I say that staying fit can sometimes be costly. The so called diet food does not come cheap and so are fitness club memberships. If you wish to really live a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced meal and exercising should be on your list. These two come hand in hand and you really should commit to them to see an improvement.Selecting a fitness center is also as important as selecting what kind of foods you will be eating. An example of an excellent fitness center is LA Fitness because it has the qualities that you should be looking for.

Below is how you can obtain a LA Fitness deal, discount, and saving exclusively only thru us:

Membership OptionsPrice

Exclusive GMF Promotion


Initiation Fee$0.00
Monthly Fee$19.99
Total Upfront Cost$719.64
Cancellation Fee$0.00
Referred by GMFContact Amanda (770) 979-1288
Contract Term36 Months

Disclaimer: Prices shown above have been sourced from individual gym visits and other online sources. They may not cover recent changes. Contact the gym directly to find the exact pricing information.

Why Choose LA Fitness

  • They have a diverse selection and state of the art gym equipment – Gym rat or not, you will definitely love a gym that has amazing equipment. You get to see your money’s worth once you get in and see a sea of fitness related stuff.
  • A lot of classes at no extra charge – Some gyms will ask you to pay an extra amount if you decide to take a class but not with LA Fitness.  This gym offers a variety of fun classes which include Aqua Aerobics, Kickbox Cardio, Mat Pilates, Cycling, Yoga, and a whole lot more!
  • Awesome Amenities – This gym has a sauna, whirlpool spa, and an indoor heated lap pool.  You also get to enjoy full locker facilities. Need I say more?
  • Sports – It offers basketball and racquetball and you get to join tournaments too!
  • Juice Bar – Those who are addicted to juices surely enjoy this!
  • 24/7 – Some LA fitness branches are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can work out anytime you want at any given day.

LA Fitness is definitely one of the best fitness centers there is. It is conveniently located all around Canada and the US. However, if you are someone who is in a tight budget or would wish to save, the fees you have to pay do not come at a very cheap price. Even if it is justifiable because they have a lot to offer, we still cannot help but cringe every time we see the rates.

Recommended LA Fitness Membership Deals

Fortunately, there are a lot of LA fitness membership deals that you can take advantage of if you wish to enjoy this amazing fitness center at a fraction of the total cost. Listed below are some of the LA Fitness deals that you can find online.

Some of the LA Fitness Coupons and Deals:

  • Free 3-day workout pass

The word “free” is my one of my favorite words and it should be yours too! While some gyms offer a 1-day free workout pass, LA fitness took it to the next level by offering 3 days. Yes, 3 days of trying to get the feel of the gym’s equipment and all the classes they offer.

  • Discounted Fees

Initiation fees start at $99 and monthly membership fees at $29.95. The price you get is now a fraction of the usual cost.

  • Free Initiation Fees

There is now a coupon for those who want to waive the initiation fee. Hurray for a free initiation fee!

  • 10 dollars less!

Do you wish to save at least 10 bucks from your usual LA Fitness monthly fee? Then get this coupon now!

  • 47 Percent Off

If a 47% discount is bigger than the 10 dollars off of your monthly dues, then grab this one instead!

  • Get discounts for LA Fitness Products

If you wish to acquire products from their own line, then you should grab LA Fitness coupons that will offer you huge discounts. You can get a tee, a jacket or even a duffle bag!

Despite the exciting coupons that you get to see online, you have to remember a couple of things before acquiring those deals. First, you need to make sure that the offer has not expired yet. Each deal is either on-going or has an expiration date shown below it. When you acquire the deal, make sure you can use it up before it expires so it will not turn to waste.

Next, you need to make sure that the deal is legit. You can do this by double checking it on LA Fitness’s website or getting coupons from a legit coupon site.Searching for LA Fitness coupons and deals would surely help you save a lot of money. So find an LA Fitness coupon now!


  1. I would like to get discounts for seniors and 3 day trial membership and any discounts available.

  2. I am considering an LA Fitness membership. You mentioned a $10 coupon. I have searched and searched. Can you help me find website where I can find this coupon.

    Thank you.

  3. I would appreciate the free initiation as well and an additional 10% coupon; where can we find these. I am strongly considering going to LA fitness; my bf goes and he raves about it.

    Thank you,
    Lisa from Canada, Toronto, Ontario

  4. La Fitness is opening in West Seattle and I have called the number on their sign and left two messages but have not heard from anyone. It would be great if they waived the initiation fee and had dues at $19.95 per month if only for the first year. Any info on the newest location?

  5. Can you please get me the coupons for the waiver initiation fee and $ 10 dollar discount so I can join LA Fitness thanks.

  6. Can I get the initiation fee waiver and 10$ monthly fee discount coupons?
    I am from Glendale, CA 91203 (I am not sure if this matters).
    Thank you in advance.

  7. Definitely joining , would like to get the initiation fee waiver and $10 mounthy discount coupons. Thanks

  8. Interested in joining! How do i find the initiation fee waiver and 10 discount? I cant seem to find it

  9. Can you please get me the coupons for the waiver initiation fee and $ 10 dollar discount? I would love to join the LA Fitness

  10. Yes, I would like information on discounts for la fitness. I would like to have waived initiation fee an $10..00 less a month. I would like to join la fitness, I am on social security disability, and I am limited on money. I need to get in the pool to help my health progress!

  11. Hello I’m having hand Surgery tomorrow and was hoping to get back on track with mobility and Strength once healed , I can’t afford a Membership at the original Cost, I’m an entrepreneur Artist/Muralists please Send me whatever Discounts possible Thank you !!!

  12. Hi, is the free initiation as well and an additional 10% coupon still available? My husband and I would love to join LA Fitness.

  13. i want to join LA fitness too. but the price is too high for my budget. Please send me LA fitness promotions and coupons,

  14. If this still is here, the 10% monthly and free initiation fee then please send me the coupon, really looking forward to joining a gym soon. It would be greatly appreciated if you can do so, thank you.

  15. Where do I find coupons looked and looked? Please I want waived imitation fee and 10$ off monthly dues please get back to me thanks

  16. Would like the 10.00 discount and initial fees waived…how do i go about getting the coupon code for this?

  17. Is this still happening? Are there any coupons for those anymore? If so, where can I acquire them from?

  18. I have been at an LA Fitness gym for 3 years in the Silver Sneakers program. Now that it is no longer available, I am looking for the lowest price membership without an initiation fee if possible. I use only machines, free weights and occasionally the treadmill.

    Need a reply today if possible


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