Orange Theory Fitness Reviews

One of the main attractions of Orange Fitness is its unique combination of two concepts: group personal training and heart rate-monitored interval training. An exercise physiologist designed this one-hour constantly changing workout.

The elements of this unique exercise system consist of different components such as strength training using rowing machines and treadmills and high-energy cardiovascular and suspension training together with the use of free weights with short bursts of intense exercise.

The workout is divided into blocks of work. It is devised in such a way that the individual is able to view his heart rate on a screen. This set up encourages him to go on and do his best to achieve his desired results.

The Orange Fitness system is an effective combination of muscle-building and heart-pumping workouts. But before a person is allowed to start, a heart rate monitor will be attached to his chest.

As he does his workout, his name and heart rate zone, categorized by color, will be projected onto a screen on the wall. Red is the high limit, green is moderate, and blue is the cool down/warm-up zone.

Number of Locations

Rating: 8/10

Based on a press release issued by Orange Fitness in September 23, 2013, its number of franchises around the world has grown to 165 locations. Considering that it only started in March, 2010, this is quite an achievement.

The robust growth of this fitness gym is not only due to its effective exercise programs, but also due to the support that the parent company gives to its franchisees in terms of field training, personal trainer recruitment and the high quality of their facilities.

Membership Fees

Rating: 7/10

There are two kinds of membership in Orange Fitness. One is the single membership and the other is the Dual (two adults) membership. There is no initiation fee in Orange Fitness.

For the single membership, the monthly fee is $109.99. A total of 8 sessions per month will be allowed to a member with such membership. For an unlimited number of sessions, the fee is $169.99

For the dual (two adults) membership, the monthly fee is $209.99 with the additional family member paying $99.99. This will allow the member a maximum of 8 sessions per month. For an unlimited number of sessions, the fee is $319.99.


Rating: 8/10

Most of the gyms of Orange Fitness are clean although some are not. It all depends on the owner or the franchisee. But one of the things that Orange Fitness requires their franchisees is to maintain the cleanliness of their facilities.

Each franchisee is required to have a dedicated crew that is tasked to keep the facilities clean and tidy as a part of the franchise agreement.

Workout Machine Maintenance

Rating: 8/10

An Orange Fitness gym is also required to have a maintenance team to keep their gym equipment 100 per cent functional. Thus a gym member can expect that whatever gym equipment he uses, or whatever weight that he picks up are well-maintained and safe to use.

Safety is of prime importance in Orange Fitness that is why their maintenance crew is always on the lookout for devices and equipment that are not in tip-top shape. Any malfunctioning device is replaced at once in order to prevent accidents.

Too Busy

Rating: 7/10

The popularity of Orange Fitness attracts more and more people. With the limited number of franchises, this causes a bit of problem in available space. To cater for more people, Orange Fitness has planned to open more franchises to provide its customers with more locations where they can do their workouts freely and without any encumbrances.


Rating: 7/10

Orange Fitness also offers many amenities to its members. Every Orange Fitness gym has an upbeat atmosphere that is full of top-of-the-line equipment and devices. This ensures each member that at any time, he will be able to use whatever equipment he want to use.

The studio has 12 treadmills, 12 rowing machines, 12 suspension unit systems, a lot of free weights, and benches.

Customer Service

Rating: 8/10

The staff of every Orange Fitness gym is well qualified for the task they are assigned to do. All Orange Fitness personnel, from physical trainers down to the administrative staff are instructed to give each customer the best service that an Orange Fitness gym can provide.

Locker Room and Shower

Rating: 8/10

Orange Fitness gyms offer separate shower rooms for men and women. It also provides locker room for every guest where they can store their valuables when they are working out in the gym.

Overall Experience

Rating: 8/10

For a gym this young, Orange Fitness has made great strides. The gym equipment is well-maintained and very safe to use. Although there are not too many conveniences available, there are still enough amenities the enable a gym member to enjoy his workouts.


[usrlist “Number of Locations:8” “Membership Fee:7” “Cleanliness:8” “Workout Machine Maintenance:8” “Too Busy:7” “Amenities:7” “Customer Service:8” “Locker Room and Shower:8” “Overall Experience:8”]

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  1. I am surprised at the 8/10 rating for Locker Room and Shower. It should be 1 out of 10. I received as a Christmas gift a 2 month membership to a local Orange Theory center in Carlsbad, CA and am disappointed with the amenities. While the workout is great, there is no locker room. It has 2 shower stalls at the entrance that you have to sign up for right before you start your class…and good luck if others sign up, as you have to wait your return. And since no locker room, you need to keep your clothes in the car. For the price of the membership, it’s not acceptable…so needles to say, I will not be renewing the membership.

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