P90x3 Reviews

The P90x3 is the third in the popular P90x series, and it promises to get your body in tip top shape once the 90 day workout regimen is completed. Since the program came out in 2013 it has become a hit with health fitness buffs as it incorporates a lot of new elements not present in the previous P90x programs.


Rating: 9/10

The P90x3 base kit costs $140, while the Deluxe Kit is priced at $275, and the Ultimate Kit is sold for $370. All of these products come with a 90 day money back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied with the results you can return it.

The P90x3 is a superb product, ideal if you don’t have time to do hourly workouts. While the original P90x titles were popular, the one thing that held people back was you had to set aside an hour or hour and half each day to complete the routines. With the P90x3 you just need to set aside 30 minutes, so there’s no longer any excuse not to get in shape.

Intent of Fitness Program

Rating: 10/10

The purpose of the P90x3 is to eliminate the fat in your body and build lean muscle mass, and unlike the previous programs, there are three kits available to choose from: the Base Kit, the Deluxe Kit and the Ultimate Kit.

The Base Kit consists of 16 Extreme 30 minute workouts on 8 DVDs, a nutrition guide, fitness booklet and a How to Accelerate DVD guide. The Deluxe Kit has all the features in the Base Kit plus 3 extra P90x3 Elite Workouts in a single DVD, an Endurance and Energy Pre-workout Formula and 3 professional grade resistance bands.

The Ultimate Kit includes all the features in the Base and Deluxe kits, and in addition has the Premium Beachbody Jump Mat, the P90x Results and Recovery Formula, the P90x chin-up bar and P90x chin-up Max.

Difficulty Level

Rating: 9.5/10

One of the best things about the P90x3 is it isn’t as hard as the previous two. You’ll still need dedication and commitment, but since the workouts are shorter it doesn’t demand too much of your time, and the workouts, while intense, are easier to do. If you completed the first two P90x workouts, that’s great, but they are not obligatory, which is another plus.

Equipment/Space Needed

Rating: 9.5/10

You’ll need the same equipment used in the P90x, namely lightweight resistance bands, dumbbells, a pull up bar, an exercise mat and workout shoes. Just like the previous programs, 6 x 6 ft. of floor space is required and of course, a TV to play the DVDs. Note that if you buy the Deluxe or Ultimate kits, all the equipment you need are there.

Effectiveness / Results

Rating: 9.5/10

The original P90x received a lot of positive feedback, and the P90x3 is no exception. Based on testimonials and trials, the P90x3 can help you lose 10% to 22% body fat in 90 days, as well as several pounds. In addition, the workouts go a long way towards increasing physical strength, agility and athleticism.

Primary Areas Worked

Rating: 9.5/10

Regardless which of the kits you choose, you’ll receive the 16 workouts necessary to lose those unwanted pounds and get in shape. Combined, the exercises target your biceps, triceps, abdomen and all the other major muscle groups. The workouts are divided into four categories, flexibility, balance and core workouts, cardio workouts, power workouts, and resistance workouts.

The majority of the workouts are 30 minutes with a cool down period 2 to 3 minutes long at the end of each session. The Ab Ripper workout however, is only 15 minutes long but very intense. Like the previous P90x systems, the routines are divided into blocks lasting 4 to 5 weeks, and the supplied calendar will ensure you’re always on track.

Apart from the blocking schedule you can customize the workouts in accordance with your fitness objectives. Your options are Mass, Doubles, Lean and Classic.

  • Classic: The Classic program consists of several workouts that will improve body balance, conditioning and cardio.
  • Lean: This is the option to choose if you want to burn body fat and develop a lean physique. Unlike the Classic workout, the focus will be on cardio and burning calories.
  • Doubles: If you want to perform the P90x3 workouts twice a day, then go for the Doubles. With this option you’ll be working out an hour each day, similar to the original P90x and P90x2 programs.
  • Mass: This option is new in the P90x series and is designed for women and men who want to gain muscle mass. While the Lean workouts focus on burning fat, Mass puts emphasis on weight training and putting on weight without the excess fat.

Regardless which option you choose, it is necessary to follow the nutrition guide provided in the program so you can reshape your body more quickly. The P90x3 nutrition guide offers several options including vegan so even after you’re through with the program there’s no need to worry about getting out of shape again. And just as the workout programs are customizable, so are the meal plans.

Program Length / Frequency

Rating: 10/10

Like the other P90x programs, the P90x3 is a complete 90 day workout program, but the difference is that the workouts only last 30 minutes. This is without doubt the biggest difference between the P90x3 and its predecessors, and with a 12 minute warm-up, you’ll never have to worry about just jumping in to the workouts with “cold” muscles.

If you want to continue working on the program after 90 days, use the Elite Block Calendar to add another 4 weeks to your workout schedule. The Elite Calendar is only available in the Deluxe and Ultimate kits though.

Customer Support

Rating: 9.5/10

The customer support is one of the best in the industry, with email, chat, and a phone number you can call for questions about the product. Just like the P90x and P90x2, customers can post questions and feedback on the official Facebook and Twitter accounts.


[usrlist “Cost:9” “Intent of the Fitness Program:10” “Difficulty Level:9.5” “Equipment/Space Needed:9.5” “Effectiveness/Results:9.5” “Primary Areas Worked:9.5” “Program Length/Frequency:10” “Customer Support:9.5” “Overall Experience:9.6”]

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