Planet Fitness Deals

Where Can You Get Planet Fitness Deals?

With 841 locations across the country, Planet Fitness is one of the more highly visible fitness centers in the United States. Because it has a lot of locations, it is not surprising that Planet Fitness has countless of members. If you are a member of Planet Fitness, you would find it very convenient to work out anytime of the day because there should be a PF location near you.

Many casual and neophyte gym goers  join Planet Fitness because of its regulations. Its rules discourage their members from becoming hardcore bodybuilders. There are also less free weights compared to cardiovascular equipment.

Membership Fees

Another reason why Planet Fitness has remained a formidable brand in the fitness industry is that its membership fees are a lot more affordable compared to other top gyms like Equinox and Golds Gym. You won’t have to shell out a lot of money just to become a member of Planet Fitness.

In fact, you only need $10 to become a full-pledged Planet Fitness member. For that measly amount, you can have unlimited access to home club and fitness training in any Planet Fitness location. As a bonus, you even get a free t-shirt!

If you double that amount and you’re willing to pay $20 every month, then you can get the PF Black Card. This gives you more privileges such as unlimited use of tanning chairs, reciprocal use of all Planet Fitness locations, unlimited guest privileges, and 50 percent discount on cooler drinks.

In some Planet Fitness clubs, your $20 monthly fee also gives you access to unlimited hydro massage, total body enhancement and even free haircuts.

Planet Fitness Deals

But in case you’re still not sold on the idea that Planet Fitness offers one of the most reasonable membership rates today, then you can take advantage of various Planet Fitness deals offered during certain times of the year.

Planet Fitness is quite liberal when it comes to deals that it usually conducts promos or special offers.  You can look for a Planet Fitness deal during Black Friday as the fitness center usually conducts a promotion during this time of the year.

On Black Friday last year,  the company announced that anyone who signed up for the PF Black Card membership were to be exempted from fees until January 2014. The deal was however honored only in certain participating  PF locations.

Another promo that the company offered during Black Friday last year was Black Card benefits for people who signed up for the basic membership of $10 a month. Planet Fitness also offered existing members with basic membership to upgrade to a Black Card for free.

Several weeks later, the health club franchise also offered a national membership sale. The promotion was held during the first week of January and had gym goers paying only a $10 down payment for the PF Black Card.

Likewise, PF Black Card holders were able to qualify for a 20 percent discount on certain New Balance merchandise.  The promo was offered only for those who bought New Balance items online.

Planet Fitness Coupons

You don’t have to wait for New Year or Black Friday to come to get amazing deals from Planet Fitness. You can search for Planet Fitness coupons online which can give you discounts and enable you to save money while still getting the privileges that any Planet Fitness member gets.

Websites that specialize in discount vouchers like Living Social, Deal News, Krazy Coupon Lady, Retail Me Not, and Good Search should carry Planet Fitness discount coupons. A quick search on Google can also help you find other websites that offer Planet Fitness coupons.

The promos may vary depending on the Planet Fitness location that offers it. There are some discount coupons that give you one week free trial. Some can give you up to 20 percent discount on 24-month membership. While there are other coupons that would entitle you to one month membership free of charges.

Using these coupons is very easy. You simply have to click on the coupon code and then the browser would re-direct you to the Planet Fitness website, or to the website of the PF location which is participating in the promotion.

You can also find discount websites that offer discounted Planet Fitness gear like t-shirts, water bottles, and towels.

Bottom Line

Planet Fitness appeals to people who have never been in a gym or fitness center for several reasons. One is that a PF location does not have the hardcore bodybuilders who usually intimidate neophyte gym goers. Another reason is the very cheap membership rates of PF.
You can enjoy more savings if you take advantage of the various promos offered by Planet Fitness. And because PF conducts a lot of special offers and promotions, chances are high you’ll likely be a PF member soon.

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  1. I was just wondering if you are able to use a debit card, where I do not have any credit cards and don’t want one, so my only option is to use my debit card, and pay every month on a month to month basis as long as I choose to stay a member of the gym, Is this possible ?


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