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Planet Fitness is  a group of fitness centers with over 800 locations scattered in various parts of the country. The group has its headquarters in Newington, New Hampshire.  The gym’s advertising slogan is “Judgment Free Zone” and targets neophyte or casual gym goers.

The company has earned notoriety for its marketing campaign. In 2011, the company aired a series of TV commercials that openly criticized gym rats who tend to alienate casual gym users. Its rules are also geared at discouraging members from becoming hardcore bodybuilders. It has more cardiovascular equipment than free weights.

Still, it has remained relevant despite the backlash because of its 24/7 services and affordable gym membership fees.  In fact, it is considered as the fastest growing gym franchise in the  United States.

Number of Locations

Rating: (8/10)

There are more than 800 Planet Gyms around the United States.  It is present in all the states except for Montana and Wyoming. It is also present in Puerto Rico.

The company offers franchises to interested investors. With a good number of branches nationwide, there should be a Planet Fitness gym near your home.

Cost to Join

Rating: (9/10)

Compared to bigger gyms, Planet Fitness offers more affordable gym membership fees. The basic monthly fee is around $10, which gives you unlimited access to home club and fitness training.  The good news is that you don’t have to pay a joining fee which is common in other gyms.

But if you are willing to shell out $20 a month for the black card, you get privileges like access to tanning beds and hydro massages. You also receive discounts on cooler drinks and could bring in a guest to work out.  And you may work out in any Planet Fitness location.


Rating: (9/10)

Most Planet Fitness gyms are clean, thanks largely to its employees who are committed to maintaining cleanliness in all parts of the fitness centers they are assigned in. As a matter of fact, Planet Fitness offers incentives to its employees who can maintain gym cleanliness. This is in stark contrast to industry-wide practice of gyms to incentive personnel who can bring in more members.

Workout Machine Maintenance

Rating: (7/10)

All Planet Fitness gyms are equipped with the standard cardio and weight training equipment like rowers, treadmill, elliptical and barbells. Since most of its gyms are new, their equipment is new and in good shape.

But because the fitness center targets casual gym goers, don’t expect dumbbells that weigh more than 100 pounds, or equipment like squat racks and Olympic benches.

The business model of Planet Fitness, after all, is to attract novice and casual gym goers so there’s no point to bring in gym equipment that only bodybuilders will be able to use.

Too Busy


Planet Fitness gyms tend to be packed during weeknights. If you want to avoid bumping with other gym members, try going to a Planet Fitness gym during wee hours, or weekend nights.

Other Amenities

Rating: (5/10)

Planet Fitness gyms offer amenities like hydro massage and tanning services. Aside from these don’t expect much from a Planet Fitness gym.

Customer Service/Personal Fitness

Rating: (9/10)

When you sign up for a Planet Fitness membership don’t expect to have a personal fitness trainer.  Instead  you’ll be made to follow its rules that  hard-core gym goers will frown on.  For instance  grunting is prohibited inside the gym.  The same goes for limited use of barbells,  banning of excessive  noise caused by dropping of weights and prohibition of psyching up rituals commonly done by pro bodybuilders.

In terms of customer service,  Planet Fitness has one of the best in the business.  You will feel at home in Planet Fitness gyms.  Instead of the usual plastic ID swipe,  the gym personnel will key in your ID number so they’ll know your name.  You will be greeted by the staff as you enter the premises.

Locker Room

Rating: (5/10)

Private  locker rooms are unheard of in most Planet Fitness locations. Since the chain of gyms offers one of the cheapest membership fees in the country,  these extra amenities like locker rooms are not offered in Planet Fitness locations.

Shower Ratings

Rating: (5/10)

Planet Fitness has very basic facilities that you should  not expect spacious shower rooms.  Depending on the location,  a typical Planet Fitness gyms has two to three shower areas.  Again the basic amenities explain why Planet Fitness has very low membership fees.

Overall Experience

Rating: (8/10)

Planet Fitness is a no-frills chain of gyms that offers very affordable membership fees.  It also appeals to a particular group of gym goers,  and this is shown by the limited number of gym equipment and distinctive rules implemented by gym personnel.  Overall if you are looking for a gym that will give you a head start in your fitness goals then try Planet Fitness.


[usrlist “Number of Locations:8” “Membership Fee:9” “Cleanliness:9” “Workout Machine Maintenance:7” “Too Busy:7” “Amenities:5” “Customer Service:9” “Locker Room and Shower:5” “Overall Experience:8”]


  1. Very good deal. And the employees I have met are all kind and very helpful. This is already better than my current gym . looking forward to many miles on the treadmills!

  2. I have lost my patience with this gym. I get told I am dropping the weights when the guy beside me does it worse than i, but never gets warned. I tried to cancel prior to leaving for Afghanistan, but they kept charging me. So, I decided to utilize the membership since I returned since they could not cancel it properly, but I cannot take the inconsistencies with the judgement with the staff! It is ok to show up and just lie down and do nothing but take up a space, but working hard is punished. I will be leaving this no judgement zone for a successful zone!


    In addition to a monthly membership fee, Planet Fitness (gym) has offered a deal for the past several years where you pay $99 for the entire year, and no membership renewal fee. I first took advantage of this offer on 12/30/13, and the expiration date on my membership for the following year was 12/30/14. On 12/15/14, I renewed my membership again for $99, and the month and day of my expiration date remained the same (i.e., expired on 12/30/15).
    However, on 12/19/15 when I renewed my membership for 2016, my expiration date changed to the month and day I renewed (i.e., 12/19) instead of remaining 12/30. I spoke with the General Manager about this. He said they have a “new (computer) system” and it changes the expiration month and day to the renewal month and day. He advised that this affects only the $99 annual members. He said that he could not change the expiration date in the system, but that he would make a notation on my account that my membership is good until 120/30/16, instead of 12/19/16.
    I advised him that the $99 annual members need to be made aware of this when renewing, because this didn’t happen last year (apparently before they got a “new system.”). I was satisfied that the general manager took care of the problem without any questions or argument, but I was not pleased that I was not informed of this change when I renewed my membership.
    So, $99 annual members – if you renew prior to your expiration date, you will lose whatever time is remaining on your existing membership (or lose it the following year, depending on how you want to look at it).

  4. Clean, friendly gym with great support staff. Always greeted with a smile. The manger is always perceptive to the needs and requests of members. Planet Fitness has my patronage and I have had several friends joins since my two year anniversary.

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