Retro Fitness Reviews

A lot of fitness centers have sprung up the past few years, but few have created as much of a buzz as Retro Fitness. The company’s motto is “more for less” and they’re certainly trying to live up to that by offering some very good membership deals for customers.

Retro Fitness was set up with the new and experienced fitness enthusiast in mind, but at the same time there is emphasis on affordability. There are a number of other fitness clubs that offer low cost membership, but not with the kind of amenities and privileges that Retro Fitness provides. But how well does it compare to the other fitness centers available?

Number of Locations

Rating: 7 / 10

There are more than 130 locations in the United States, so it’s not as widespread as other fitness centers. That being said, Retro Fitness is expanding rapidly so we can expect this number to increase quickly and the locations are strategically placed so they’re within easy reach. While 130 doesn’t sound like a lot when compared to other gyms, that’s still a lot so there’s a good chance that there is a Retro Fitness club near you.

Membership Fee

Rating: 10/10

For $19.99 a month you get access to the club, and for just $29.99 you get the keys to all the clubs. The initiation fee for a single or all club membership is the same at $19, and there’s no cancellation fee.

Any way you look at it, the cost of joining Retro Fitness is a bargain. One of the problems with other “affordable” fitness clubs is that the cheap rates are matched with poor equipment and service, but fortunately Retro Fitness is an exception.


Rating: 9/10

Just like with other fitness clubs, cleanliness can vary from one location to another, but the majority of reviews and feedback are very positive. Each club has a staff tasked to keeping the place clean, and members have also become known for their cleanliness. It also helps that each club is spacious, and it extends to the locker room and the showers as well.

Workout Machine Maintenance

Rating: 8/10

Part of the reason why Retro Fitness has become so popular is their equipment, which is simply top of the line. Everything from Octane ellipticals to bikes with Internet access are here, and their treadmills are equipped with an iPod and Direct TV so there’s plenty to keep you occupied during workouts. Their free weight floors are expansive too, which is a plus.

While the club is known as Retro, the quality of the machines is very modern and has earned a reputation among customers of being very tough and durable. One of the problems with other fitness centers is there isn’t just enough equipment and free weights to go around and you can read complaints online, but that isn’t the case with Retro Fitness.


Rating: 8/10

Most of the clubs are open Mondays to Fridays from 5:00 AM until 11:00 PM, and 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM on weekends. While it’s not open 24/7, you do get access to all the clubs via the all-club membership. What this means is no matter where you are as long as there’s a Retro Fitness center you can drop by and have a workout. This is a very convenient feature that few clubs can match, not at this price.

Customer Service

Rating: 8/10

There have been relatively few complaints with Retro Fitness, and the club does a good job in responding to those. Reviews and testimonials frequently cite the friendly and engaging staff and trainers, and it definitely helps that the company’s membership policies are very clear, and that there is no cancellation fee.

Other Amenities

Rating: 8/10

Retro Fitness has some several amenities including group classes, ideal for those who like to work with other people, and there’s also a cardio movie theater available as well. The personal training is one on one and each one is certified, and there’s also a Retro Blends Smoothie Bar which has a fine selection of protein smoothies, and they’re customizable too.

Retro Fitness also has a full service pro shop that sells all the accessories, items and supplements necessary to complement your workout, and the child sitting service is especially useful for parents, so it’s definitely a plus. These clubs don’t have basketball courts or swimming pools or other extraneous stuff, but what’s available is practical and useful.

Overall Experience

Rating: 8/10

Retro Fitness is a great club and it delivers in the areas that matter. The equipment is high end and they’re upgraded on a consistent basis, and the membership fees are very affordable to boot. While not yet as widespread as the other fitness clubs, that’s bound to change soon enough as it’s become very popular. Bottom line: Retro Fitness is retro only in name, as everything about it is brand new.


[usrlist “Number of Locations:7” “Membership Fee:10” “Cleanliness:9” “Workout Machine Maintenance:8” “Too Busy:8” “Amenities:8” “Customer Service:8” “Locker Room and Shower:8” “Overall Experience:8”]

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