Snap Fitness Deals

Finding Snap Fitness Deals

Have you been gaining weight recently after having been a member of a fitness center for years? Are you disappointed that your weight loss program has progressed very slowly? Then you might need to switch gyms. Try Snap Fitness, a health club franchise that takes on a straightforward approach to fitness.

Snap Fitness has veered away from the trend of fitness centers offering various luxuries like spas, tennis courts, and pools. Instead, it focuses on delivering only the essentials like the best fitness equipment and clean and comfortable environment.

Snap Fitness also does not have long-term membership contracts. Members are given individually designed workout programs and diet plans.

Of course, you’ll ask how much it would cost you to become a Snap Fitness member.  On the average, you’ll have to pay around $35 for a month of membership. If your partner or flat mate agrees to apply for joint membership with you, the rate is around $50. Alternatively, you can apply for a family membership for two adults and a maximum of three minors for only $60.

On top of the monthly fee, you also have to pay $99 for the initiation fee.

Snap Fitness Deals

To say that Snap Fitness membership is cheap would be wrong because there are other gyms that offer lower membership rates like Planet Fitness. But this does not mean that you are would have to pay that much money to be able to get into a Snap Fitness gym.

For a measly $8.95, you can be a Snap Fitness member for 40 days. This translates to just 30 cents for every day that you work out in a Snap Fitness gym.

The $8.95 fee actually covers for the cost of the Snap Fitness smart card.  Bring this card with you and you can enter any Snap Fitness location worldwide. Keep in mind that there are more than 1,500 Snap Fitness locations around the world, so whether you are in Los Angeles or in London, you can keep yourself fit as long as you have your Snap Fitness smart card.

You can also work out in any Snap Fitness location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Aside from paying a measly fee for a 40-day period, you can also be one of the 40 lucky daily winners of the Snap Fitness raffle draw.

This limited-time deal is applicable only online, so you should visit the Snap Fitness website now to be able to qualify for this promotion.

Once in awhile, the company also offers deals in support of a certain event.

For instance, it offered a free seven day pass at all Snap Fitness locations in commemoration of the National Public Health Week. The complimentary seven-day pass was offered to online registrants who had to visit the Snap Fitness website, enter a zip code to find a Snap Fitness location nearest them, and fill out a form.

The successful registrants were then contacted by personnel of local Snap Fitness clubs.

Snap Fitness Coupons

You can also score great savings by finding Snap Fitness coupons online. These discount coupons are carried by various specialist discount websites like Living Social and Retail Me Not. You can do a quick search on available or current Snap Fitness coupons by using Google.

What can you expect from Snap Fitness coupons? A lot of savings, as you can avail of special offers like free one month unlimited gym access in participating Snap Fitness locations. Aside from the free gym access, you also don’t need to pay participation fees nor sign contracts.

There are also coupons that give you discounts on one or two month membership with Snap Fitness. Using these coupons is quite easy, as you only have to click the “Buy” or “Get It” link. Depending on the voucher website, you can either print the voucher then present it to the participating Snap Fitness location, or the link will direct you to the Snap Fitness website where the discount will be applied before you check out.


Becoming a member of Snap Fitness can put a dent on your budget. A monthly fee of $35 can be quite costly especially if you are not earning enough. Add to that the initiation fee of $99 and you’re looking at expenses of more than $500 a year.

The good news is that you can cut down on the cost of joining Snap Fitness club by availing of its numerous promos or using discount vouchers. You can log on regularly at its official website to find out if there are any promos that the fitness center franchise is conducting. Or you can visit your favorite discount coupon website every now and then to find discount codes.

Now becoming a member and working out at a Snap Fitness gym should no longer cost you a significant amount of money.

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