Snap Fitness Guest Pass

Ever wondered why some gyms and fitness centers only offer 3-day free trials or 7-day free trials? When it comes to Snap Fitness you get a free trial for thirty days! That’s right – the Snap Fitness free trial lasts for an entire month.

For one whole month you’ll be able to freely walk in and use any of the equipment at any Snap Fitness facility. There are over 1,500 locations all over the country and with the Snap Fitness guest pass you’ll be able to come in freely at any one of them.

So why does Snap Fitness give thirty days instead of seven or three? What makes Snap Fitness stand out from the rest? After all, if there’s a free trial then there must be something at the end of the rainbow waiting for anyone willing to pay for full membership, right?

Below is how you can obtain a guest, free, trial pass for Snap Fitness:


Guest Pass Box

Guest Pass OfferedYes
Guest Pass Length7-Days or 30-Days
Guest Pass CostFree (7-Days ) or $8.95 (30-Days)
Photo I.D. RequiredNone
Credit Card RequiredNone

Link to Guest Pass

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Disclaimer: Prices shown above have been sourced from individual gym visits and other online sources. They may not cover recent changes. Contact the gym directly to find the exact pricing information.

The Issue with a 7 Day Trial

The Snap Fitness trial period is for thirty days (this may differ from one location to the next). Why is it so long? Why doesn’t Snap Fitness emulate other fitness centers and gyms and just offer 7 days for people to give their facilities a try?

The problem with a 7-day trial is that people barely get to see what benefits lay ahead of them. Out of those seven days, it is very likely a person is only going to visit the gym twice or thrice. Gym trainers know that unless you’re already a gym regular then you won’t be around more than four times a week.

With just two or three days out of the free seven, what kind of judgment can you really make? Yes, you’ll be able to see the facility and perhaps try one or two of the training programs with some of the more well-known professional trainers but you wouldn’t experience everything in so short a time.

With thirty days you’ll be able to truly immerse yourself in what Snap Fitness has to offer. Speaking of which, what does Snap Fitness give that makes it one of the leading centers in the country?

Everything Snap Fitness

You get guaranteed video surveillance for optimal security, free weights, resistance training equipment, cardio machines, 24/7 gym hours, and personal training assistance with experienced trainers. All of the equipment is operational and constantly updated to make sure you have the tools you need to stay fit.

Every member also has their own Snap Fitness account. Simply log on the official website and you’ll be able to track your performance, nutritional plan, schedule, and more. Snap Fitness understands that working out is done at home just as much as it is at the fitness center which is why there are so many online tools being made available as well.

The Free Trial and How Membership Works

The free trial isn’t 100% free – there is a small deposit fee (less than $10) and this is just for the electronic key card that gives you upon signing the trial form. However, you are also required to follow a Snap Fitness program during those thirty days.

This program is to ensure that you get the most out of your free period. Snap Fitness doesn’t want people to sign up for one month free and then never walk into their facility so they have devised an entry program that will allow you to test and try every service that they have available.

If you don’t like it after thirty days, you get your money back. If you do end up liking it then you can sign up for full membership.

Membership comes at different tiers:

  • Monthly or Annually
  • Single, Joint (2 adults), or Family (2 adults and 3 minors)

There is an initiation fee (below $100) and this is good for any account, whether a monthly-single, annual-joint, or any other type of membership account.

Unlike other gyms and fitness centers there are no cancellation fees at Snap Fitness. However, you will be required to notify administration at least thirty days ahead so that you don’t get billed for the next month.

The 30-day cancellation period also means that even though you cancelled your membership, you can still use the facilities for another month until the membership expiration takes effect.

Is the Free Trial Worth It?

So is the Snap Fitness free trial worth it? Without a doubt it is. There is no other facility out there today that allows you full access for an entire month without charging you more than $10. The free trial allows you to see for yourself why so many others are getting into it.

The Snap Fitness guest pass is just a short introduction. With full membership you’ll gain access to more online tools, more in-depth training guides, and month after month 24/7 access to the best fitness equipment in town.

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