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When you think of mixed martial arts, there’s only one brand that you can think of—Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC. The company is arguably the main reason why MMA has become a global sport, and its influence has expanded with the opening of the UFC gym.

UFC Gym is actually a new player in the health and fitness industry, having been opened in 2009. The very first gym in Concord, California has spawned more than 115 UFC gyms located in 28 states in the United States. Expansion of the UFC Gym abroad has also started with one outlet in Sydney, Australia.

Number of Locations

Rating: (8/10)

UFC Gym has 115 clubs in 28 out of the 50 states in the U.S. California has the most number of UFC gyms with more than 30. Other states that have multiple numbers of UFC gyms are Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia.

Cost to Join

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Like most health and fitness club franchises, membership fees in UFC gyms vary depending on the location.  Enrollment fees range from $75 to $150. Members can then choose from different packages like a fitness package costing $45 a month that gives them access to strength and cardio training equipment, and an Ultimate membership package costing $99 giving them unlimited access to group fitness access and MMA training.


Rating: (10/10)

Although enrolling in a UFC gym can cost you a lot of money, you can be assured that you’ll get what you pay for. For one, all UFC gyms are well-maintained and clean. There are housekeeping personnel that help maintain cleanliness in UFC gyms.

Workout Machine Maintenance

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UFC gym distinguishes itself from the other fitness clubs with its state-of-the art equipment. Most UFC gyms have cross fit equipment, dumbbell area, boxing room, and wrestling room. Workout machine and equipment are also well-maintained. Also, a standard feature in all UFC gyms is the Octagon where you can train and feel like a certified MMA star.

Too Busy

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If you are the type of person who finds it hard to squeeze time for working out, you’ll love enrolling in UFC gym because most of its clubs are open either 24/7 or have extending operating hours.

UFC gyms are usually packed during the weekends, thus you might want to skip that time of the day if you are not comfortable working out with a lot of people.

Other Amenities

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The usual misconception that people have with UFC gyms is that it is built for the hardcore trainer and thus does not have the amenities designed for other members of the family like children. On the contrary, there are UFC gyms with kids’ area where children can stay behind and let their parents work out and train.

Of course, if you are a gym rat your priority would be on training. You won’t be disappointed working out in any UFC gym because of the amenities like grappling room where you can put your wrestling skills to the test; group fitness studio where you can participate in a long list of fitness classes; and bag room where you can box.

There are also assigned rooms for personal training, weight training, and cardiovascular training.

Once you’re done with your training, you can cool down at the ArmBar café or check out the accessories at the retail store. Sauna is also a common in most UFC gyms.

Customer Service or Personal Fitness

Rating: (10/10)

UFC gyms are manned by personal coaches that can help members achieve their fitness goals fast. UFC gym coaches are very knowledgeable not only in training but also other aspects of fitness like diet and bodybuilding supplements.

UFC gyms also offer free guest pass. This gives access to non-members for a limited period of time, allowing the gym goers to experience what it is like working out in a UFC gym. It also helps them determine if they’d like to pursue a UFC gym membership or not.

In terms of customer service, UFC gyms are also well-rated by their members.  All UFC gyms have their own websites, so you would know what to expect the moment you step in the gym. Listed in the websites are the names and positions of the staff manning the gym, and you can even contact them through email by clicking their names or positions.

Locker Room

Rating: (10/10)

All UFC gyms have comfortable, full locker rooms. These locker rooms are also well-maintained by UFC gym personnel.

Shower Room

Rating: (10/10)

All UFC gyms also have spacious locker rooms. However, towel service may vary. There are some UFC gyms that provide towels only to members that pay premium fees.

Overall Experience

Rating: (9.8/10)

Training in a UFC Octagon is one huge reason why a lot of people are signing up to become UFC gym members. Aside from the thrill of working out ala-MMA star, UFC gym members also love the excellent amenities, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and state of the art equipment in most UFC gyms.


[usrlist “Number of Locations:8” “Membership Fee:10” “Cleanliness:10” “Workout Machine Maintenance:10” “Too Busy:10” “Amenities:10” “Customer Service:10” “Locker Room and Shower:10” “Overall Experience:9.8”]


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