YMCA Deals

How to Get YMCA Deals

YMCA has been associated with sports and fitness for many years. In fact, two popular sports these days—basketball and volleyball— where invented in YMCA gyms.

So despite the rise of many companies that are into the business of fitness center franchising, YMCA remains very much in the consciousness of millions of people around the world. YMCA gyms present a cheaper option for gym goers particularly those who cannot afford the exorbitant membership rates of other glamorous fitness center chains like Golds Gym and Equinox.

Membership Fees

The membership fees in YMCA gyms may vary depending on your location. Monthly fees may range from $35 to $50. In case you want a personal trainer to help you out, you’d have to choose from training packages that range from as low as $175 to as high as $750 for 20 sessions.

This is on top of the initiation or joining fee that ranges from $69 to $99.

As you can see, being a member of YMCA gym can be costly. That’s why many health buffs and even people who want to have a more active lifestyle are looking for YMCA membership deals.

YMCA Membership Deals

The good news is that unlike other fitness center chains most notably Equinox, YMCA is very generous when it comes to YMCA membership deals.

To look for a YMCA membership deal, you can go to a nearby YMCA gym. Alternatively, you can visit the website of a YMCA fitness center near you and see if it has any new promotion.

One of the more common YMCA membership deals is the corporate membership discount. In case you are working for a company that is a corporate member of YMCA, then you can be entitled to discounts on the joiner fee, or monthly and annual fees.

In the event that your company is not a corporate member, you can ask your HR personnel to join the corporate membership of YMCA. Depending on the YMCA location, you need around five to 10 employees to be able to qualify for this promotion.

Once you have gathered the required number of employees interested in becoming a YMCA member, contact the YMCA gym nearest you. A membership application form would have to be filled out. Once the corporate membership account has been set-up, your other colleagues may also join the promotion later on.

Many YMCA gyms also offer free membership promos. In this type of promotion, you don’t have to pay the joiner fee in order to become a full-pledged member of the YMCA fitness center.  Free membership promotions may have different details depending on the YMCA location offering it.  There are some YMCA gyms that waive the joiner fee if you sign up for at least a year-long commitment.

Being a member of a YMCA gym or location gives you unlimited access to its facilities like weight training circuit, cardiovascular equipment, conditioning rooms, free weights, pools, jogging tracks, squash and racquetball courts, and family rooms.

You can also participate in the fitness classes. Most YMCA gyms have fitness classes like aerobics, aquafit yoga, dance, pilates, cardio-kickboxing, stretching, tai chi, and karate, amongst others.

There are also other YMCA gyms which hold promos like raffle draws. Usually, YMCA gyms encourage their members to work out more often. Under this arrangement, you could earn one raffle ticket every time you go to the YMCA gym where you are a member of. So the more often you work out, the better chances you have of winning in the raffle.

There are other YMCA deals that you can find online. The best course of action is to regularly visit the website of the YMCA centre that is nearest you.

YMCA Coupons

Another way of reducing YMCA membership fees is to find and use YMCA coupons online. Instead of visiting the website of a YMCA center, you ought to browse voucher websites like Living Social.

In case you find it hard to regularly visit discount coupon websites, then you can sign up for free alerts. The website would then give you e-mail updates as soon as there is a new YMCA deal that you might be interested in.

Using discount coupons applicable or accepted at YMCA centers is quite easy and straightforward. You simply have to print the coupon and show it to the YMCA gym where the promo is accepted or honored. In some cases, the coupon has a link that you need to click to be able to go to the website of the participating YMCA center.


Getting into shape is not only tough because it takes a lot of commitment and will power; it is also costly especially if you enroll in a YMCA fitness center. Fortunately you can enjoy a lot of savings if you are able to find a YMCA membership deal offered online.

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