YMCA Guest Pass

Staying in shape can be very costly these days. Not only would you have to pay for a gym membership initiation fee, you also have to pay monthly dues. There are also gyms that charge annual fees. That’s not counting other expenses such as personal training and access to premium amenities.

YMCA is one of the more popular fitness club chains in the country, and perhaps the oldest. Given its history and popularity it is not surprising that YMCA membership fees can be quite costly. The prices of membership in YMCA would vary depending on the location, although the monthly fees range from $35 to $50.

Aside from these fees, you would have to pay for other services like working with a personal trainer which would cost you anywhere from $175 to $750, depending on the number of sessions.

Indeed, being a member of YMCA is not cheap. That’s why you’d want to get a YMCA guest pass first before signing up for a long-term membership. With a YMCA guest pass, you can check out the YMCA gym you are interested in joining. You would be able to try the various training equipment, know more about the type of people frequenting the gym, and get a feel of what it is like to be a member of a YMCA club.

Below is how you can obtain a guest, free, trial pass for  YMCA:


Guest Pass Box

Guest Pass OfferedYes
Guest Pass Length1-Day
Guest Pass CostFree
Photo I.D. RequiredYes
Credit Card RequiredNo

Link to Guest Pass

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Disclaimer: Prices shown above have been sourced from individual gym visits and other online sources. They may not cover recent changes. Contact the gym directly to find the exact pricing information.

Through YMCA gyms

The easiest way to find a YMCA free pass on the Internet is to search through Google. Simply type your location and the word YMCA on the Google search field, hit the search button, and the browser will give you a listing of websites of YMCA gyms in your area.

Almost all YMCA gyms offer a free trial, which is good news for budget-conscious individuals. What’s more, there are some YMCA gyms that offer free membership trial that runs for an entire month meaning you have more time to work out for free.

More importantly, you will get to know more how about the YMCA club you are interested in—from the people in the service desk, to the personal trainers, the regular gym goers, and the amenities in the gym. You’ll be able to gauge the overall experience in working out in a YMCA gym.

Keep in mind that like in the pricing of membership fees, YMCA clubs have different policies when it comes to membership trial offers. While there are some clubs that are generous enough to offer one-month free trial, there are also YMCA clubs that only offer a five day or seven day free trial.

There are also YMCA gyms that have age restrictions on trial membership pass. For instance, the YMCA gym in Heritage Park, Minnesota only offers free trial membership to adults who are more than 55 years old.

The guest pass may be downloaded from a YMCA website, and printed out to be presented to the YMCA club desk.  Some YMCA clubs even have an assigned coordinator or personnel who will get in touch with you to arrange your free trial.

Again, it would be wise to call up the YMCA club near you to verify what type of offer they have for people like you interested in getting a free guest pass.

Through YMCA members

Did you know that there are privileges of being a YMCA member, like complimentary guest passes per year?

Certain YMCA clubs give two complimentary guest passes annually for full year members, or those who are signed up to a one-year membership contract. The guest passes are priced at discounted rates, usually at $10 to $20 per day for adults and lower prices for teens or youths under 18 years of age, as well as for families.

But there are also YMCA clubs that don’t accept the guest passes during busy periods, like January or after the Holidays when everybody seems to be motivated to work out.

Again, YMCA clubs have different policies on these privileges so you must first clarify the details with personnel of the YMCA gym near you.

You can start asking around your workplace as there may be an officemate of yours who is a YMCA member and has that privilege of bringing a guest for a discounted rate.  There may even be family members who can bring you to a YMCA gym for free.

Through Coupons and Discount Sites

Every now and then,  YMCA gyms partner with deal sites to offer free guest passes.  Some of the more common deal sites offering YMCA passes include 8coupons and mysavings.com.

You can subscribe to these deal websites to get updated on the latest coupons and deals, or better yet, visit the websites regularly so you can get a free pass at a YMCA gym near you.

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