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YMCA gyms are perhaps among the prominent fitness centers in any locality. The first YMCA in the United States was opened in Boston, MA in 1851. Because of its long and checkered history, many health buffs are enticed to enroll in YMCA gyms. The company has also been revered because of its reasonable gym membership fees.

Almost all YMCA gyms offer facilities like health and fitness, aquatics, childcare, camping and sports.  Prices of gym memberships may differ depending on the location, however, as well as the facilities being offered. Almost all YMCA gyms operate everyday, from as early as 5:30 in the morning to as late as 10 in the evening.  However there are also a handful of YMCA gym branches that are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Number of Locations

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There are more than 2,700 YMCA centers in the United States alone. Collectively, these gyms serve a total of 20.6 million members. Of that number, 11.8 million are adults while the remaining 8.8 members are children who take part in various family-oriented activities like camping, youth sports, dance clubs, triathlon training, amongst others.

Because of the sheer number of YMCA gyms in the U.S., there’s a good chance that there is a nearby YMCA center in your area.

Cost to Join

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The costs of YMCA gym memberships differ depending on the location. For instance, in Beaumont, Texas, the joining fee is $50, with a monthly fee of $56 for an adult and $48 for a senior adult.  In North  Lexington, the joining fee is the same but the monthly fee for adults is $46 and $39 for senior adults. Because the membership prices vary depending on the location, it is best that you call up the branch that you are interested in, or visit their website.

In some YMCA gyms, a common promotional campaign is the one-day free pass. This allows a non-member to enter the gym and try the various equipment free of charge.


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Most YMCA gyms are run by a competent and professional housekeeping staff, so you can be assured of the cleanliness of the facilities. Rooms are cleaned frequently and most gyms provide wipes and hand sanitizers to their members.

Workout Machine Maintenance

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You can count on YMCA gyms to have well-maintained workout machines. Lately, the firm has been also improving on the state of its workout machines by purchasing new equipment to reduce the cost of workout machine maintenance.

Too Busy

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YMCA gyms could get busy depending on the season. The fitness centers are notoriously packed during the first few months of the new year, with gym members all pumped up to shed fat after eating a lot during the holiday season.

Other Amenities

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There are a lot of amenities that members of YMCA gyms can make good use of. A typical YMCA gym boasts of a steam/sauna, aquatics, day camp child watch facility, indoor lap pool, cycling studio, group fitness studio and whirlpool.

Customer Service

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YMCA gyms are manned by competent customer service personnel who can assist their members in the proper conduct of exercises. The customer service staff can also help members in their other needs like cleaning of lockers rooms, shower areas and disinfecting gym equipment.

Most YMCA gyms also have respective websites where prospective members can inquire about membership fees and other information like facilities and gym equipment.

Locker Room

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It is common for YMCA gyms in the United States to have huge locker rooms. Some gyms even offer premium locker rooms that have bigger space but come with an additional fee. All the locker rooms are cleaned regularly by YMCA gym housekeeping staff.

Shower Ratings


The sizes of shower rooms in YMCA gyms, again, may vary depending on the location. Generally, however, most of the shower rooms in YMCA gyms are spacious enough for their member’s needs.

Overall Experience

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YMCA gyms have been around for so long because of numerous reasons. First, it has established a solid reputation as an excellent, family-friendly fitness center that offers numerous activities that appeal to every member of the family. Parents who want to exercise and still be able to watch their children, for instance, enroll in YMCA gyms that have child watching facilities and activities like youth yoga, triathlon, and other sports events.

Another reason why YMCA has been around for that amount of time is the numerous branches or gyms it has around the country. YMCA gyms are found in virtually every state in the United States, and there’s a good chance a YMCA gym is just a stone’s throw away from your residence.

YMCA gyms are well-managed, with competent housekeeping staff, fitness instructors, and customer service representatives all ready to give their members a helping hand. With all these positives, it’s not difficult to understand why YMCA gyms have thrived through these years.


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