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YouFit is a health club company founded by Rick Berks in 2008. It was developed with the aim of providing world-class gym experience to every member, without having them spend hundreds of dollars a month just to get their exercise needs. They focus on regular gym goers; they offer the services of personal trainers in every site, though not all of them offer group exercises. Currently, they can be found in more than 100 locations across 15 states in the country.

The company prides itself by providing the basic and chief needs of every customer. They believe the importance of each person’s time, so they have plenty of available machines and fitness equipment—you will not have to wait in line. Their machines are economical and user-friendly, which provides the ease of use to whoever may want to try it. There is also plenty of space, so you will be able to take a friend or a family member, and he or she can workout with you.


Rating: 7/10

YouFit is available mostly in the West and South parts of the United States. A lot of people may want to go to their stes, especially with their use of energy efficient and environmentally friendly materials, tools, equipment, and fixtures in the gyms. It would matter however, to someone from the East, for example, since their locations are too far away.

The good thing, though, is that you can find their gyms in multiple locations in several states. Last year, they have acquired gym chains in Florida and Maryland as they continue to widen their reach.


Rating: 8/10

A lot of people are wary about joining fitness clubs because they believe that it’s such a waste of money, especially if they will not be able to exercise regularly. This should not be a problem with the club. Depending on the location, you can pay as low as $10 per month to have unlimited use of the place’s equipment and amenities.

Do note however that the $10 is the basic payment. There are other fees that you may have to pay (e.g. maintenance charges), so it would be advisable to read the fine print before you sign anything.


Rating: 10/10

The company believes in not only helping the environment through their use of energy-efficient machines and their various recycling programs, they are also champions in maintaining their places clean. If you read the YouFit reviews online, you will see people acknowledging the fact that the crew always cleans the equipment to get them ready for the other members to use next.


Rating: 9/10

Their machines are well maintained and always clean. To ensure that they are able to keep the machines working and always available, they charge maintenance fees. They always make sure that these are accessible because this is the primary reason the gym goers visit their sites.


Rating: 9/10

It doesn’t matter if they have a lot of guests every day and every night, since their facilities are pretty spacious. You could bring a friend and workout beside him or her since there are often available machines beside each other. You will not have to wait your turn just to exercise. They understand the importance of ever person’s time so they want you to be able to start your workout once you get there


Rating: 8/10

The reason they charge minimal fees is because they don’t offer amenities like saunas or swimming pools. If you enroll in the club, you would have toured their facilities and will not be expecting to see amenities you can find in expensive health facilities.


Rating: 7/10

Customers agree that the staff and friendly and helpful in the health clubs. Most of the problems you can see online are regarding payment disputes, mostly with cancellation charges and maintenance dues. What’s needed is for the gym management to be able to explain in detail what the customers can expect before the contract signing for the clients to avoid getting shocked when the bills arrive.


Rating: 8/10

They have plenty of shower rooms, but the locker rooms are not spacious. They are nothing fancy as well. Nothing wrong with that, especially since they are trying to minimize the expenses.


Rating: 8/10

If you want to enroll in a no-frills gym, then YouFit may be the one for you. They only have group classes in selected sites, so expect that when you sign-up for membership, what you’ll get are the basic services that a gym can offer, like working equipment, clean facilities, and staff support.

One of the problems that that some customers are not very happy about though, are the charges they get when they cancel their membership, or the fact that the fee for the Standard plan is not guaranteed.


[usrlist “Number of Locations:7” “Membership Fee:8” “Cleanliness:10” “Workout Machine Maintenance:9” “Too Busy:9” “Amenities:8” “Customer Service:7” “Locker Room and Shower:8” “Overall Experience:8”]

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