24 Hour Fitness Guest Pass

Are you contemplating on signing up as a member of 24 Hour Fitness gyms? But do you want to see for yourself first the amenities of the clubs and how everything works before committing? Then you should get a 24 Hour Fitness guest pass.

It’s easy to understand why you would want to get a guest pass first before committing to a 24 Hour Fitness membership. With monthly dues ranging from $29 to $39 inclusive of initiation fees, becoming a member of 24 Hour Fitness is not exactly cheap.

There are several ways for you to get a 24 Hour Fitness guest pass. One is to go to the 24 Hour Fitness corporate website and sign up with its Guest Workout program which lets you try a 24 Hour Fitness club for a fee. The fee would go anywhere from $10 to $25, as prices would vary from one club to another.

Below is how you can obtain a guest, free, trial pass for 24 Hour Fitness:


Guest Pass Box

Guest Pass OfferedYes
Guest Pass Length3-Days
Guest Pass CostFree
Photo I.D. RequiredYes
Credit Card RequiredNo

Link to Guest Pass

Click Here

Disclaimer: Prices shown above have been sourced from individual gym visits and other online sources. They may not cover recent changes. Contact the gym directly to find the exact pricing information.

Guest Workout Program

To find information and sign up for the company’s guest workout program, click here. You can then find a club near you by typing in your ZIP code. The browser will then yield a list of 24 Hour Fitness clubs near your place. Choose a club you’d like to go to, then look for the free pass link.

Alternatively, you can click this. You need to share your personal information like name, birthdate, email, contact details, and ZIP code.

You can choose from more than 350 24 Hour Fitness clubs in the United States, and as the name of the company indicates, these clubs are open 24 hours a day. As a guest, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art equipment for cardio and resistance training. You can also participate in the group exercise classes, and get tips and guidance from 24 Hour Fitness’ well-trained personal trainers.

Depending on the club where you will be working out, you can also enjoy amenities like heated lap pools, saunas, steam rooms, and basketball courts to help you relax after a stressful day.

However, there are certain restrictions in the guest workout pass you’ll get through this program. One is that the pass is only good on the date of purchase, and not 24 hours from the time of the purchase. So make sure that when you pay for a guest workout pass, your training gear are ready since you’ll have to work out on the same day that you purchased the workout pass.

Also, there is an additional fee for bringing in your children and letting them use the Kid’s Club. You’ll also have to pay for personal training.

Refer a Friend Program

Here’s another way to get a 24 Hour Fitness free pass—find a friend who’s currently a member of 24 Hour Fitness club, and ask him to refer you as a guest.

The program mutually benefits you and your friend. You’ll get a free 7-day pass to any 24 Hour Fitness club while your friend can get free 50-minute personal training session, or a $20 MyStore coupon.

To be able to qualify for this program, ask your friend to provide your contact information on the 24 Hour Fitness website referral section.

You’ll then get an email from the company which gives you the seven-day pass offer. But you have to ask your friend to print that email and take it to the 24 Hour Fitness club where he or she is a member of. This is the only way for you to activate the seven-day pass offer.

The pass is good at multiple locations. This means you can work out in as many 24 Hour Fitness clubs as you like, and not only in the club where your friend is a member of. This is an excellent opportunity for you to gauge which 24 Hour Fitness club offers the best in terms of amenities and services.

However, there is a catch. You will have to purchase a qualifying membership in order for your friend who referred you to the program to get the said reward. Likewise, you should stay as a member of 24 Hour Fitness for 60 days so your friend can claim his/her reward.

Promo Websites

Another way of finding and getting a 24 Hour Fitness free pass is to search for free passes online by simply using phrases such as “free pass 24 Hour Fitness 2015.” Some of the top deal websites today would offer free 24 Hour Fitness guest passes on a regular basis, such as GoodSearch.com, Coupons.com, Dealsplus.com, and Shopathome.com

Make sure, though, that the coupons that you get clearly state that you would qualify for a free guest pass at 24 Hour Fitness. You may want to call up a 24 Hour Fitness club to verify if the company does accept coupon codes from certain deal websites.

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