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24 Hour Fitness Gym is the largest fitness center in the world, with 18,000 employees in the United States alone and more than 400 clubs in 17 states in the US plus three more overseas. Since the company was established, it has remained true to its motto of “improving lives through fitness”, and has become very popular for the numerous benefits the club offers members.The fitness center has an estimated 3 million members in the US and other parts of the world.

The following 24 Hour Fitness prices are estimates only.

Membership Type:Initiation Fees:Price:

Sport Level Membership

Access 300+ Clubs. All plans have a $49.99 annual fee.

All-Club Sport Basic$69.99$29.99/mo
All Club Sport Commitment Membership (12 Month Commitment)$0.00$29.99/mo
All Club Sport Commitment Membership (12 Month Commitment)$0.00$39.99/mo
All Club Sport Commitment Membership (24 Month Commitment)$0.00$24.99/mo

Months 13-24: $24.99/mo

All-Club Sport Loyalty Reward$69.99$29.99/mo
All-Club Loyalty Prepay 6 Months$0.00$0.00
1-Year Limited-Term$0.00$0.00

Super-Sport Level Membership

Access 400+ Clubs. All plans have a $49.99 annual fee.

All-Club Super-Sport Basic$69.99$44.99/mo
All-Club Super-Sport Commitment Membership (12 Month Commitment)$69.99$39.99/mo
All-Club Super-Sport Commitment Membership (12 Month Commitment)$0.00$44.99/mo
All-Club Super-Sport Commitment Membership (24 Month Commitment)$0.00$39.99/mo

Months 13-24: $24.99/mo

All-Club Super-Sport Loyalty Reward$119.39$39.99/mo
All-Club Super-Sport Loyalty Prepay 6 Months$0.00$0.00
1-Year Limited Term$0.00$0.00

One Club Membership

All plans have a $49.99 annual fee.

One-Club Basic$79.99$29.99/mo
One-Club Commitment Membership (12 Month Commitment)$29.99$29.99/mo
7-Day Limited-Term$0.00$0.00
30-Day Limited-Term$0.00$0.00
90-Day Limited-Term$0.00$0.00
1-Year Limited-Term$0.00$0.00

Special Offers

Costco 2-Year All-Club Sport Membership$0.00$0.00
Costco 2-Year All-Club Super-Sport Membership$0.00$0.00

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Disclaimer: Prices shown above have been sourced from individual gym visits and other online sources. They may not cover recent changes. Contact the gym directly to find the exact pricing information.

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The history of 24 Hour Fitness began in 1983, and it consisted of a single club known as 24 Hour Nautilus. It was founded by Mark Mastrov, and together with Leonard Schlemm worked together to expand its operation. Mastrov, who was then the CEO, hired Dean Moloney and Mark Golob to increase public awareness of the fitness center. Golob and Moloney would embark on aggressive promotional campaigns and featuring celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Mike Tyson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, which led to increased sales and membership.

As the club’s popularity grew, the company started planning expansion overseas, and it was in 1994 when 24 Hour Nautilus joined up with McCown De Leeuw and acquired the Family Fitness Centers chain in Southern California, and rebranded the company as 24 Hour Fitness. By the 2000s the club had become very popular, and in 2004 sponsored the 2004 and 2008 US Olympic teams, providing memberships to the Olympic hopefuls. It was also in 2004 when 24 Hour Fitness collaborated with NBC to produce The Biggest Loser, a reality TV show where overweight people competed to drop pounds and win millions of dollars in prizes.

The following year 2005 up to 2008, 24 Hour Fitness sponsored the Discovery Channel’s cycling team. That same year Mastrov sold the company to Forstmann Little and Company for $1.6 billion. Currently the CEO is Elizabeth Blair, with the company headquarters at Carlsbad, California. While its main operation is in the United States, the company has centers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai.

Benefits for Members

Those who join 24 Hour Fitness will then gain access to the various features and privileges that other people have been availing of for the past 25 years. Members can get access to a single or several clubs found throughout the United States. These clubs, open 24 hours a day, are state of the art facilities with complete fitness equipment, resistance and cardio training and energetic group workout classes. In addition members get access to their extensive online nutrition guide as well as expert guidance from their certified personal trainers, numbering more than 4,000.

Besides those already mentioned, 24 Hour Fitness membership also includes amenities like racquetball, volleyball, and basketball, and you can also use their heated pools and get a massage as well. Members also get to use steam rooms, whirlpools and saunas. This is of course on top of the personal and customized training you will receive when you join their club.

Membership Types

There are several membership types you can get at 24 Hour Fitness, so you can find the one to suit your needs. Ultra Sport: here you can avail of high end fitness accommodation, a personal training area and group cycling. Super Sport: these clubs include all the equipment you will need plus saunas, whirlpools, swimming and basketball among other amenities. Sport: their most popular club, here you get access to classes, fitness equipment, the whirlpool, steam room, sauna, and basketball courts.

Active/Express/Fit Lite: at these clubs you receive a full body workout, the use of strength machines, cardio equipment and free weights. In addition to these, you can customize and enhance membership by adding extra services, plus they also have the Kids’ Club and personal training. In addition to these you can also get discounts for family memberships, and training can be 25 minutes or 50 minutes, the choice is up to you.

Membership Fees

You can get a free membership for three days or apply on their website, and 24 Hour Fitness offers monthly payment options for those who aren’t yet ready for a full term commitment. The fees can vary depending on where you are and the kind of membership you apply for. First you have to choose the access level, One Club or Multiple. One Club access with monthly payment will cost $92.99. The pre-pay has several options including 14-Day Limited-Term + 1 PT Session, 30-Day Limited Term and 14-Day Limited-Term + 1 PT Session, each of which costs $169.99.

The 1-Year Limited-Term costs $899.99 and the 2-Year Limited-Term $1,349.99. Multiple Clubs access only has the monthly membership option, with the Keep Fit All- Club Ultra-Sport Monthly Payment costing $94.99 monthly, while the Keep Fit All-Club Ultra-Sport Loyalty Reward Monthly Payment is priced $74.99 monthly. The monthly rate for the Keep Fit All-Club Ultra-Sport Loyalty Premium is $74.99.

For more information about 24 Hour Fitness, visit their official website.


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