Anytime Fitness Prices

Anytime Fitness is a health fitness center, with over 4,000 clubs in 30 different countries around the world. With more than a million members, Fitness operates in several countries including Canada, Japan, Australia, the UK, Qatar, New Zealand, Spain and many other countries.

Living up to its name, all their clubs are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but there are many other reasons why the center has become popular, chief among them its innovative approach and implementation of new features like month to month memberships.

Below are the latest Anytime Fitness prices.


Monthly Membership

Single: One Adult

Initiation Fee (One Person) (Monthly)$49.99
Monthly Fee (One Person) (Monthly)$38.99
One-Time Key Fee (One Person) (Monthly)$35.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Monthly)$0.00

Dual: Two Adults

Initiation Fee (Two People) (Monthly)$99.99
Monthly Fee (Two People) (Monthly)$59.99
One-Time Key Fee (Two People) (Monthly)$35.00
Cancellation Fee (Two People) (Monthly)$0.00

Yearly Membership

Single: One Adult

Initiation Fee (One Person) (Yearly)$49.99
Monthly Fee (One Person) (Yearly)$407.99
One-Time Key Fee (One Person) (Yearly)$35.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Yearly)$0.00

Dual: Two Adults

Initiation Fee (Two People) (Yearly)$99.99
Monthly Fee (Two People) (Yearly)$659.99
One-Time Key Fee (Two People) (Yearly)$35.00
Cancellation Fee (Two People) (Yearly)$0.00
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The Anytime Fitness gym was founded in 1983 in San Leandro, California by Dave Mortensen, Chuck Runyon and Jeff Klinger. Since that time the fitness center has grown exponentially that it has opened or built more fitness clubs faster than any privately owned fitness center. One reason why the company was able to expand its operations is by franchising, and this approach not only helped increase membership, but each franchisee gets help from the main office on a regular basis.

To ensure their franchising would succeed, Anytime Fitness ensures there is continuous interaction between the main headquarters in the US regardless where the franchisees are. In addition the company took the moniker “Anytime” to heart by keeping all their gyms open regardless if it was a holiday or not, something that was unheard of at the time. Because their centers are always open for their members, people who didn’t have time to work out in the day availed of their services, aside from the fact that they began providing affordable rates and membership fees.

Anytime Fitness Membership Fees and Benefits

Anytime Fitness prices will depend on the kind of membership you apply for and where, although the cost is usually $38.99 to $59.99 with a $49.99 activation fee. However, in other clubs the membership fee is $44 for a single monthly membership and $39 for a 12 month membership. Couples can also enroll in the gym usually at a discounted price when compared to applying individually. If you are not sure of the fee, you can check the Anytime Fitness Membership Agreement, where you will also find information on cancellation fees. The yearly membership also varies depending on the location, although the rate is usually in the $450 to $500 range.

Regardless where you apply, Anytime Fitness costs less than what you will pay for a cup of designer coffee. There are many reasons why a lot of people join Anytime Fitness, not the least being the fact that their clubs are always open, perfect if you are on a tight schedule and always on the go. Rather than worry about not having the time to work out, Anytime Fitness allows you to engage in the workouts when your schedule permits it. Unlike other clubs, Anytime Fitness doesn’t close even during special occasions, and when you become a member of their club, you have the key literally in your hands. This key, given, exclusively to members, is the only one that can open their top of the line gym with full security protection.

Other Privileges for Members

Once you are in their club, you’ll be able to avail of its many features and use their state of the art cardio and strength training equipment. And as pointed out earlier, joining one club gives you access to all their other clubs, so regardless where you are, you can just go to any of their other facilities and train. Furthermore, access to these other clubs does not come with extra cost or charges. Anytime Fitness doesn’t just provide gym equipment, but other benefits such as reimbursement programs.

Depending on where you apply, employers and health insurance providers may subsidize monthly dues based on the number of times you train every month in the center. The exact benefits will vary because each club is run independently. However, a growing number of Fitness centers are offering 24 hour tanning, with a “pay as you go” setup, or you can just include the option in your membership. The moment you sign up for membership at Anytime Fitness, you will get a personal orientation free of charge, which includes an overview and demo of the latest exercise programs as well as basic principles so you can work in the safest and most effective manner.

Furthermore, every club under the Anytime Fitness franchise is cleaned and maintained according to the highest standards. Aside from those already mentioned, Anytime Fitness has become popular because they provide a friendly atmosphere and offers new members full support. When you work out in any of their centers your safety is guaranteed with round the clock security, and the one-touch devices give you access to emergency if necessary. Finally, there are immaculately clean restrooms where you can change and take a shower after training, so everything you need is here.

For more information about Anytime Fitness, visit their official website.


  1. I was going to join the one in Monroe Mi but they wanted all my checking info and I’m not doing that they should be like everyone else and not do that u would get more people

      • Take your time and READ the contract. ALL gyms ask for your bank info so you can set up for the monthly payment to be drafted out of your account. It makes perfect sense to do so you don’t have to worry about going every month to pay them.. If you don’t feel comfortable, I was with Planet Fitness and they did that. If you don’t use the gym, that’s not their fault. Also, each gym is owned & operated by different companies. Not their fault.

          • Gyms require a bank account, debit card or credit card. Some smaller gyms won’t use debit or credit cards because of the fees charged by the payment processing companies. This is the norm… so get there and start working out!

    • The only way you can get out of the contract is to pay the cancellation fee. If you quit paying and cancel your CC they will turn you over to a collection agency, which may put a ding your credit. Although not a major item it is something to be aware of.

      • There shouldn’t BE a cancellation fee. That alone turns me away from choosing this gym. Such a shame because it’s so close to my house, but I’m not going to PAY to NOT receive a product. That’s robbery. I’d rather look into other options.

        • I went to take a tour of the gym yesterday and I asked about the cancellation fee, I was told that there is only a cancellation fee if you don’t give them a 30 day heads up before you don’t want to attend anymore.

    • Yeah I tried to cancel at one of the locations around Boston and was not able to. Was told I had to much left to pay on my contract and there were no cancelation options. the owner said he couldn’t go to his bosses at AF with the explanation that I couldn’t afford it anymore! So I’m still having the damn thing drawn out of my account each month. Worst place ever!

  2. Would like to join anytime on Pacific hwy but your review, s sound has if you don, t want to increase member ship but scare it away by asking for to much info about the person trying to be a member also your clientele is done with working out with people who are just there to show off there body’s an pick up dates not serious about working out an why would you require more info then these other fitness gyms.we are serious about staying in shape to feel healthy an live longer .so please email me with an answer an why you would like me or anyone to be a member of your clubs an what is the reason I would pick your gym over a bigger one world class .thank you chancestone!

  3. I have had the same horrible experience at the Alpharetta ga hwy 9 location. The Lester’s own it.

    The dad, part owner, older man is horrible. I voiced my concern about men using the women showers and leaving loogies on the shower floor. My two concerns were the safety and privacy for women and the sanitary issue. The part owner older man said these weren’t concerns of his and that he was working out. He suggested I call back at 11. Not only was he rude, he was short tempered and talks down to people. I suggest you run! They have horrible billing and their customer service is horrible!
    Owner wrote:

    • Unacceptable.

      You should have struck him in the temple with a dumbbell and then laid a heavy barbell across his throat and kicked him vigorously and thoroughly in the jimmy sack while he begged for his life as you explained, “And if there beeth loogies, I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison my floor and destroy my workout mindset. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.”

      Usually, that will get them to honor their responsibilities, but sometimes drastic action is necessary.

        • Hilarious….The path of the righteous WOMAN is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil LAZY men. Blessed is SHE who, in the name of SANITATION, PRIVACY and good HEALTH, shepherds the weak through the valley of dark FITNESS, for SHE is truly HER SISTER’s keeper and the finder of CLEAN SHOWERS.

  4. All I can say is that their prices are outrageous, so my husband and I cancelled our memberships and went over to Xperience Fitness and we enjoy it there.

  5. Anytime fitness can be expensive depending where you live its usually 30-50 a month. If you actually want to see results this is the gym to join every gym is individual owned and operated. I go to a anytime fitness here is VA and I love it. I joined the gym working at fast food restaurant and was able to afford it. When I joined I went one time and didn’t know how to do anything so I left. The owner called me (because I had not been in two weeks) and schedule an assessment. After my assessment I started going a lot more and went from 189 to 139. Anytime Fitness’s motto is to change the confidence of the world. Trust me when I say it’s worth it.

  6. My husband and I wanted to join the new one in Somerset NJ but after checking it out and reviews it seems ridiculous plus the annual fees are outrageous.

  7. Hey I work for this franchise. I don’t know if it’s different in Canada, but these rates are WAY off. Plus, we are a franchise so every owner can set their own price. Just FYI.

  8. I am requesting the proper procedures to terminate my contract.My request has nothing to do with your extremely nice facilities and your more than helpful staff.I and my lady haven’t utilized this establishment and I really need the $60.00 per month that is automatically being withdrawn from my personal checking account.I had fully intended on using this membership,But, No. Please release me from my contract,even with a penalty charge so I can have the monies so desperately needed elsewhere. Thank You with all my heart.
    Sincerely J.F.Vogel.

  9. U have got to be kidding me ! Nobody gets my checking account info.just do a lot of push-ups and buy some free-weights with the money you waste on a gym membership that you obviously have no chance in hell of enjoying,that way there are no loonies or pooping patrons,WTF.wake up america

  10. The reason they want your checking account info is So they can ach your account for payment. This means that they get paid more often and it’s more of a pain for outdoor to change their checking account so they end up making more money. DON’T GIVE THEM, OR ANY COMPANY, YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT INFO FOR PAYMENT. Use prepaid card as someone suggested or, if they’re not playing nice and still hitting your credit/debit card, just call your card and ask them to send you a new one (because you lost it ;). This way the card they have is now invalid and a transaction won’t go through.

    • Yes, but because you’re under contract, can’t they turn the account over to collections to negatively affect your credit? To be safe, perhaps it’s best to cancel the right way and pay the $99 fee or wait until membership ends.

  11. They have no staff at all, the owner is there about 20 hours a week, the gyms are small, and they want $50 a month just to keep the lights on.

  12. Maybe my experience was way different than everybody else’s, but I didn’t have give them my bank account # I gave them a major credit card and it went thru every month, plus I read the contract word for word and it said there was no cancellation fee as long as you made payments for six months after that you write both the billing company and the franchise a letter stating you like to cancel. I did this several months ago and there has been no problem yet. I liked anytime so much I am going back, maybe alot of this is unwarranted. Just my two cents.

    • You did it right, that’s probably why you had no problems. Most of these other people are probably trying to skirt the fact that they didn’t read the contract that they signed in the first place

  13. I’ve been in the fitness industry since 1978. Gyms back then were charging about a $1 per day, that’s how we advertised. Now memberships are about 30-45 per month depending on the gym. Not much of a change. If you join a gym, it might be better to take a one month membership to see how you like it. Then you won’t have locked yourself into a contract. But think about it. If the gym has what you need, the staff seems to know what they’re doing, what does it matter how long the contract is. You buy car for $25K dollars over a 5 year note, pay more then $400 a month for it and all it is a glorified horse a buggy. Joining a gym is way of changing your life style by improving your health. You expensive vehicle doesn’t nothing for your health. Just make sure the gym you join is the right one and move forward. If your quitting because you don’t use it, that isn’t the gyms fault, its yours. There are only two ways to fail at any fitness program, 1. Don’t Start and 2.Quit.

  14. Actual fees:

    Initial Joining Fee:
    Metropolitan Clubs $99
    Regional Clubs $99

    Access Card Fee:
    Metropolitan Clubs $59
    Regional Clubs $59

    12 month contract:
    Metropolitan Clubs $755.40 ($62.95 per month)
    Regional Clubs $719.40($59.95 per month)

    Total Cost (Recommended):
    Metropolitan Clubs $913.40
    Regional Clubs $877.40

  15. One thing to watch…when you sign up, then don’t tell you about the annual “gym maintenance fee.” So, I did all my paperwork, paid up front for a year, and thought I was done. About six months later, they bill me by mail for 50.00 club maintenance fee. On my contract, the employee drew a line through that and marked “0.” I argued and argued with them that it was not part of my contract, but they persisted. Threatened to cut off my entry privilege too! I went back to the guy who did my contract and showed him that he marked through it and write “0” there. He finally called corporate and told them to back off. Watch these people. Closely. I wouldn’t give them any of my banking information. I pay up front with a check.

  16. So I found the one in my town does not know what Anytime Fitness means because it closed for staff on Sundays. To get information, you need an appointment. Really, I think someone needs to remind them that gym is for everyone.

    • I think you are misunderstanding… members can still workout 24/7 and have access to the gym any time. That just means the staff only works on Sundays by appointment, so if you wanted to join the gym on a Sunday or have them show you around for the first time and you can only go on Sunday, you would need to make an appointment first. It is still open to anyone who has a membership.

  17. Do not sign up. I pay $25 a month to go to LA fitness. LA fitness is twice as large and even has a DJ some days. Anytime Fitness has a limited amount of equipment and also isn’t very safe. With no one monitoring anything bad can happen and help wont get to you in a timely manner. On Oct 7 they are offering a $1 sign up well at the moment signing up fee is $0 so they are actually raising it. $35 a month is too much for the limited amount of equipment they have. Other gyms are cheaper and have more to offer including your safety.

  18. I live in a town where their is a any time and another 24 hr gym that’s called rapid fitness rapid fitness only wants a debit card number no key fee and its only $24.00 a month for membership cancelation fee is $65.00 if any time is so great then A why do they want all the banking information and B why are they so much $$$$$ I know I cancelled my any time membership and went to rapid fitness just because they want les info and they are cheaper

  19. I goto my local anytime signed up when they first built the gym paid 30 a month 25 key and 20 sign up charge, I had my girlfriend call about the 1 dollar sign up and it includes everything but they raised the monthly rate to 40 a month and got mad at me for telling her it’s 30 a month, thanks anytime fitness

  20. You guys are so funny! You worry about the cancelation fee And the “rip” offs. If your going to get a gym membership, than it should be for a lifetime. It’s 24/7 and it’s world wide. Why would you cancel? That’s a cop out. If it’s the gathering of info that worries you or upsets you, your looking way to into it. What other gym looks to know who YOU are and not just make you another number? They want to make sure you are happy and will get the most out do Anytime. Trust me, it’s all worth it and now I own my own Anytime fitness franchise here in Texas. There’s tons of people that are willing to come and get healthy, we don’t need this negativity in my gym. So please don’t come by. Unless your willing to actually talk.

  21. After reading the above posts, I can only conclude it truly depends on the franchise with which each person is dealing. Sure they wanted to know some personal information but but it was about any medical concerns before I started working out in the gym. At no time did they question or ask for my financial personal information. Nor was access to my checking account ever required. I had the option of automatic debits if I chose to use that method, but I could also pay with a regular credit card on a monthly basis or I could pay annually with the credit card. I have never been charged an annual maintenance fee. (One of the reasons I went with Anytime Fitness is because the other local gyms and/or franchises demanded checking account access for membership.) There is another gym franchise in my area where the membership is approximately $12 per month. However, it is certainly no pleasure to go there when one must wait in line for equipment or treadmills – even though they have more. Anytime Fitness gyms maybe smaller but with such an extended timeframe, I have not been there when it is so crowded that I could not work out. As far as cancellation fees – if you move where there is not an Anytime Fitness within a reasonable distance or if there are health/medical reasons why you cannot continue, there’s no problem. But like all gyms, Anytime Fitness is a business. If you decide suddenly you no longer want to go there, that’s your choice. It is rather ridiculous to call a foul on the gym. Again though, it must be the differences in the franchises. My Anytime Fitness has all the state-of-the-art equipment and is exceptionally clean. If you want a great Anytime Fitness – where the personnel truly care –try the Hagood gym in Virginia Beach. You won’t be disappointed! PS And, no, I am not an owner there – just a satisfied member.

  22. The on line price shows 25.00 for each key and there is a discount for couples we went to the one closest to us there was no couple discount and the keys were 49.99 each and the workers haven’t heard about a discount sounds like I’ll look elsewhere

  23. was totally going to join this gym because it is anytime and seems to be good for my schedule, but the fact that there’s a 100 dollar cancellation fee really turned me off. If I decide I don’t wanna come back I shouldn’t have to pay 100 bucks to stop coming somewhere. That’s hardly fair. Id rather go to a YMCA where there’s no fee to decide if I don’t wanna come anymore.

  24. i would just like to say that this truly is not a rip off or expensive. the YMCA is expensive. This is a clean gym that lets you go anytime a day/night. And of course there isnt someone there 24/7 thats why only people with a membership and a door key can get in! it being 24/7 is also why the lights are on all night im sorry but for one person 35 bucks is not bad! i bet half of you spend more than that on fast food in a week!and yes they need information from you so your bill gets paid!they arent the only company that takes information!

  25. I have found the owners at the Lakeland, FL Anytime Fitness very accommodating in helping get me get started on a healthy living program through exercise. There are several different franchises in the city but I am willing to pay AF’s fee because I feel the service is worth the cost.

  26. I go to an anytime near Baton Rouge, LA. The gym is just so so. They make all these promises and then don’t fulfill them. My fees after paying a year in cash,without the $85 sign up fee, were $45 per month. The gym is rarely cleaned in fact the mirrors have only been cleaned once in the entire year of my membership. Today was the first day I was contacted by staff and that us only because my membership will be up in a month. When I went to go to the gym tonight my card also did not work. I think I will be joining the nearby planet fitness where two of my family members go. The basic gym only price is $10/month and if you get unlimited tanning and hydro bed it’s $24/month. The gym is staffed 24/7 365. It has employees who’s sole job is to clean. The facility is also about 3 times larger. Yeah it may be over crowed during normal hours, but go late at night anyway because anytime is also overcrowded during normal hours

  27. I will admit that I am lazy and don’t really have the motivation to keep the working out stuff going. However, just because I hate wasting money, I think the monthly fee is enough to keep me motivated and the cancellation will ensure I keep going. If you don’t like their prices and fees…go somewhere else?

  28. My wife and I have belong to several different fitness clubs over the past four years although none as expensive as Anytime Fitness and none with such high initiation fees and cancellation fees. Typically the cancellation fees at most fitness centers are one months dues if a 30 day notice is not provided. We currently belong to LA Fitness. The monthly fee is just under $30 plus sales tax, they charged us a $25 initiation fee, we can temporally suspend our membership for a $6.00 monthly fee, and with 30 day notice there is no cancellation fee. There is an Anytime Fitness near our home and about the same distance away as LAFitness, but their parking lot is usually relatively empty. Seems to me that they need to rethink their fee structure.

  29. BE CAREFUL of the Monroe, MI location. (This was before they moved next to Kohls, when it was across from La Z Boy)

    I went there along with my girlfriend, and I know of 2 others who had problems.

    I don’t like contracts, so when I signed up for the year, I made sure that if I needed to, I could cancel (Even if it involved a fee). He told me yes, absolutely.

    It came where I wasn’t able to go for a couple months, and money got tight, so I called to cancel both mine and the GF’s membership, and they basically rudely told us you cant cancel, you signed up for a year and have to continue paying. Told my girlfriend the same thing (We were on separate accounts)

    Then I stupidly signed up for a new membership last year, with a friend, and they ended up charging both his payment and mine to my card. This gym is whacko, the owner alike. They don’t want to help, and I didn’t find the equipment to be all that clean when I was there.

    Had quite a few groups of the d-bag grunters and loud guys there as well every time we went.

    I really want to check out Planet Fitness, but the limited hours are a deal breaker.

    • I’m just trying to figure out how to get out of the membership at anytime fitness at Rose Hill, VA. They charged me $54.99 a month – outrageous! LA Fitness is only $24.99.

  30. Our daughter has one of her parents credit cards,and she has been being charged monthly for something not sure what, not no more,charged her 50.00 for a declined on credit card which the card isn’t even hers, or ever been declined till this, but the people at gym wasn’t even putting in right #s,How stupid r they, We’ll believe me, I’ll get her money back, have info from credit card co. Don’t go there u will get screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Polk County Georgia, Anytime Fitness

  31. The prices listed are incorrect. Each Anytime Fitness is individually owned and therefore sets their own rates. The average Anytime Fitness charges more than $35 per month.

    If you want to know the costs, visit the club. Clubs that care about their members will ask questions about your needs and goals. They will try and figure out what will best help you reach those goals. Check out their equipment. What does the club offer. Is it clean. Does it have enough equipment. Go at a time that you would likely exercise. Will you have to wait for equipment? Is it packed? Pay $10 a month and you are likely going to be one in a million and have to wait on equipment that may not be that clean.
    The good Anytime’s are going to try and give you results…not pizza.
    Why would one Anytime cost more than another? One club may have more equipment or provide programs and incentives to get you into a routine more easily. Clubs in the north are typically higher than those in the south because the cost of living is higher. Places where the cost to do business is higher will also be higher. Most Anytime Fitness Clubs offer a 7 day trial at no charge. Use it to make sure that club is a good fit for your needs. To squabble over $4 o $5 a month when that club will best help you reach your goals is silly. If you don’t use the equipment at your home, you probably won’t stick with a gym where the staff doesn’t give two cents about you and is more concerned with signing you up. See what level of concern the club staff has. Do they say hello and offer encouragement to the members that are there. Are there things going on that recognizes the results and hard work of members? Remember, you get what you pay for. By the way, you probably are paying over $100 for your Comcast cable and your McDonalds visits in the course of a month. Both are going to do nothing but encourage you to be unhealthy. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have cable or visit a fast food location every now and then but to put your health at less importance doesn’t make sense. Again, just because one club charges $10 a month doesn’t mean a club who charges $40 is over priced.

    As for this website posting prices. To post the above prices is misleading to the potential member. When they go to an Anytime and discover the price is higher, they are disappointed and will often walk away. In a given area, you may find that the price is a few dollars more than the club down the road. The rent or the programs offered or other general expenses may dictate that difference.

    If you want the club price, go to, get a free complimentary 7 day mini membership and try them out. They will gladly tell you the price when you get there and you’ll have 7 days to make a decision. Oh and by the way, log in via your social media and they will upgrade the 7 day to a 14 day.
    Just say’n…

  32. These prices listed here are absolutely no where near correct. Our gym which is located up in the bakken region of the oil field here in North Dakota is amongst the higher cost anytimes. Others in the area do charge more yet, but as otheres said the cost of living here is 1500-3000 a month in some 1-2 bedroom aparments so pay is higher and thus rent for our bulding is more and that affects wages going out and money comeing in. Our gym charges 47.95 for a month, 59.95 key/signup fee, a 25.00 club enhancment fee that comes around once a year and with a 30 day notice generally theres no cancellation charge. And as far as bank info, if you don’t use a credit card/debit card for auto withdrawl monthly, you can do a bank draft which requires your bank info, its just your routing number and bank account number. And without abc financials license to do so you can’t just use thos numbers as an average joe, remember those numbers are on every check you have ever written so only a financial institution can use them.

    So everyone crying about too much information you have mislead yourself or don’t actually know what you are or aren’t providing them. The credit card info you give them is at more risk then your bank info. And I’m right.

    Bottom line here is prices vary, you get what you pay for, all locations will be different, some good, some bad, its what you make of it. But most will pay more for an upkept gym, with friendly staff and trainers who offer to assist you and push you in the right direction. Most gmys don’t have a friendly environment to speak of and just offer 24/7 crap weather its clean or not. If anytime is doing it right, your always in a friendly place, a clean environment, and you will get results. Just seems like people have their own idea’s and rants, and most of it doesn’t mean anything or is over thought. Make sure your assessment is really a reason to talk down on anytime. It just might not be as bad as you think.

  33. Thats some messed up shit u cant make threats like that to ppl they can cancel if they wAnt u should be fired its rude ass ppl like u why I quit ur gym and besides u all was stealing money from my account that wasnt urs shame on u for ur behavore and ur rudeness I feel sorry for the ppl that half to deal with u but everyone has to meet the maker one day I feel bad for u when u do ur job is dealing with ppl not being a sorry ass

    • Forgive me but I’m having a hard time taking your concerns seriously. You’ve butchered the English language and I’m not quite sure who you’re speaking to or why you’re airing these grievances here instead of directly to AF but I’m going to venture a guess and say that you didn’t read your contract. Nonetheless, my advice is to focus on school. If for some reason you actually graduated, you might check into a refresher course or two.

  34. Love anytime fitness!! I’ve tried other gyms, and was thoroughly unimpressed with how gross the local large chain $10 a month gym was. Every time I go to Anytime the gyms are always clean (I have 2 close to me so I use them both depending on where I am working) and the staff is super friendly and helpful. To me it is well worth the extra money a month. To those who have nothing hut complaints about their local Anytime…you are obviously dealing with bad ownership. If you aren’t happy go elsewhere.

  35. The prices listed here are misleading. There are quite a few Anytime Fitness clubs in my area but all of them cost more than the prices listed in the table at the top (same goes for a few other clubs I priced). I would recommend posting a range of pricing in the table that is posted at the top.

  36. Why do I want to leave Anytime Fitness for good? Because there are other gyms with better prices AND a whole lot more equipment. That is one thing that struck me: lack of equipment. I had to go to 3 Anytime Fitness gyms to do everything I needed to do. 2 gyms had boxing bags and the one I preferred to go to didn’t. Those 2 other gyms had limited equipment.
    I have been a member now for 3 years because there was no other gym in my hometown (before I relocated) that had 24 hour access. Here in my new town, I decided that another gym had the same price which included swimming pool, hot room, steam room, whirl pool and a plethora of equipment. I am told I have to pay a cancellation fee now. This several days before I need to pay my membership fee again. “I will cut you some slack: You pay your monthly fee and then I will cancel your membership.” (and your credit will be affected if you don’t pay”. But I thought I only signed a year contract? (been there 3 years). Just because of this type of GREED I will never have anything to do with anytime fitness ever again.

  37. Be very aware of trying to CANCEL with these guys!! It was an absolute nightmare for us. My husband and I had a membership while we were engaged . . but after a while realized we weren’t using it. So we “canceled” – sent in the whole letter or whatever it is you have to send to them in advance (I think it was like 2 months). Received email CONFIRMATION they had received it.

    Months later we discovered they had stopped charging our CC . . and then STARTED charging it again!! We were literally trying to deal with this as we were leaving for our honeymoon. Throughout multiple phone conversations they said
    1. they never got the letter
    2. oh wait – yes we did get it – but we lost it so you have to send it again
    3. it’s NOT their responsibility that they lost it and we were charged – when we had proof we cancelled
    4. they would not refund the charges

    As our plane took off for Mexico we threatened them with an attorney and hung up. “Magically” then when we landed in Mexico we had 4 voicemails from a manager apologizing and saying it was taken care of.

    Honestly I would never recommend them just for that experience. Worst customer service I have ever had. Not only did they lose two customers but we would never recommend them to anyone.

  38. A motivating discussion is worth comment. I believe
    that you need to publish more about this topic, it may not
    be a taboo subject but generally people do not discuss these issues.

    To the next! Best wishes!!

  39. Snobby attitude from the owner/managers, not helpful, not customer friendly and down right rude.
    Price wise not competitive at all for a new player in town ( CAN 55+tax/month with 12 month lock down).
    Again with this BS story that you can cancel anytime for nominal fee.
    One of the location offering “pre” sign up, means you are signing a contract for something that is not even there yet, without firm opening time confirmation.
    Sign if you want, but remember that up to 80% of a people are quit after few months.
    and get stuck paying those fees for the rest of the year.

  40. Sounds like planetfittness is a much better deal. Why join a gym that makes you sign a contract? And the annual fee us ridiculous. Give it time the business world has a way of weeding out company’s like this.

  41. I am an employee at Anytime Fitness. Each club sets their own pricing, so this information is inaccurate. The price largely depends on where you live and what other gyms in the area charge. The location I work at charges much less than the prices on this page.

  42. Hello, what is the “initiation fee” and the “one time key fee”? Where can I find an explanation for these fees?

    Why are these separate when I already have to pay a monthly fee?

    $35 for a locker? That’s the manufacturing cost of the locker and the key. And $50 for registering my name in your database?

    Seriously, when I see these prices I’d rather build my own little gym.

    • Initiation fees are probably the most negotiable fee that nearly all gyms try to charge. Basically they’re charging you to sign up…yeah that’s right. The Anytime that I use charges about $35 for a key fee. It is an electronic key that you must use to enter. If you’re going in with another person, you each have to enter separately. I think the fee is to discourage you from losing it.

      My recent gripe is that 3 months after I signed up, I was charged a ‘one time maintenance’ fee of $35. I don’t remember this fee being mentioned in the contract…but I’ll look at it to be sure. When I inquired about what exactly a ‘maintenace fee’ is, the front desk person could not give me an explaination. This gym has only about half the lights working, No AC (hot climate here in the summer) with just a few wall and floor fans scattered around.

      Why do I stay? Limited options where I live, great trainers and the place is clean.

      I agree with the others that tell you to use a prepaid card if debit/credit card info is required. This is just safer all the way around. They won’t be able to continue to ding your bank account should you decide to bail on your contract AND, you’re safe from any data breach that their billing company might experience.

  43. They have a ridiculous fee for the key. It is 79.99 and then they state that they do not offer a dual (2 adult) rate and that it is 38.99 per month, but that is only if you sign up for 24 months.

  44. I just relocated to a small town that has, so I was told wrongly, only an Anytime Fitness. I went in for a visit and then they hit me with sign-up fees and different contracts. I left immediately. I don’t care how a gym has to make money. My priority is guarding my own money. I won’t ever pay a fee to give a business money, and I’ll never sign a contract. If you’re a good gym, you’ll have earned my business indefinitely–and my free word-of-mouth advertising. I’m sick of all the fees and contracts. I’m not trying to lease a car. This is why our family has decided to remodel part of our home to create our own fitness center. Gyms have become like car dealerships, only even less professional. Few have active websites (it’s the 21st century, please!). And if they do have one, they won’t mention pricing–meaning you have to spend days visiting every gym in the region to find out their prices to comparative-shop.

  45. I see a lot of comments that Anytime Fitness is clean. Excuse me but that totally depends on the owner. When my spouse and I were members I always got a good laugh with my spouse pointing out the incredibly thick dust on the machines. We were not certain to what degree the owner was overworked, lazy, a slob or ignorant. We determined that we could just go nuts with free weights and body weight exercises on our Florida property year round to get in the best shape imaginable.

  46. I was about to sign up for AF because it’s closer to my new home, but after reading all these comments I think I will drive a little bit to LA Fitness where I know, the price is cheaper, no cancellation fees, few group fitness classes we like and everybody in Arlington Height IL. is nice and polite.

  47. I was not happy going in on the 9th of May and having to pay for June 2018. Was in the small print somewhere I guess. The key money should have been paid back to me when I returned said key. Not happy with that.

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