Bay Club Guest Pass

The Bay Club Guest Pass is the best way to enjoy the luxury fitness and sports facilities offered by the emerging premier hospitality company in the United States.

This is usually a three-day pass that can be converted into a full-time membership if and when the guest wants it.

Below is how you can obtain a guest, free, trial pass for Bay Club:


Guest Pass Box

Guest Pass OfferedYes
Guest Pass Length3-Day
Guest Pass CostFree
Photo I.D. RequiredYes
Credit Card RequiredNo

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Disclaimer: Prices shown above have been sourced from individual gym visits and other online sources. They may not cover recent changes. Contact the gym directly to find the exact pricing information.

The Bay Club in Brief

Established 40 years ago, The Bay Club Company is an active lifestyle and hospitality-focused chain of modern country clubs in the United States. Based in San Francisco, California, it has 23 locations in San Jose, San Diego, Los Angeles, Del Mar, San Francisco, Los Gatos, and Redwood City. Among its most popular locations are the Bay Club Carmel Valley, the Bay Club Courtside, and the Bay Club Redwood.

These modern country clubs have more than 50,000 members and growing. Many, if not most, of the guests who avail of guest passes make the decision to become full-time members, thanks to the excellent services, facilities and amenities.

The Bay Club adopts a sports resort model in all of its locations. The typical Bay Club includes 2 to 4 swimming pools, 12 to 18 tennis courts, and 60,000 to 80,000 feet of luxurious clubhouse facilities. Even on peak hours, the country clubs have a spacious feel because of their large, airy and bright layout.

The Bay Club Company has a Four Points of Focus: sports, fitness, family and hospitality. Such focus is the guiding vision of its acquisitions of country clubs, the latest of which is the Manhattan Country Club. The Los Angeles-based club has a 6,000-square foot exercise facility; courts for squash, paddle tennis, and racquetball; 18 hard surface tennis courts, and 25-meter swimming pool. There are restaurants and bars serving a wide range of delicious food and drinks.

Indeed, The Bay Club Company strives to upgrade its members’ experience and, in the process, add value to its services.

The Perks of Guest Pass and Membership

We can assume that the three-day guest pass has most of the perks of full-time membership – and what perks these are! We aren’t surprised then that most of The Bay Club guests make the right decision to buy full-time membership, which come with reasonable fees. Members, after all, can enjoy the luxurious facilities and amenities in the country club of their choice as well as get excellent customer service from the staff.

Plus, there’s no initiation required so making the transition from a guest to a member is easier than expected. The membership perks include but aren’t limited to full access to the facilities and amenities; participation in the golf events including social events, complimentary green fees, and preferred pricing on gold lessons; and the opportunity to bring along your family to the country club.

The membership fees are categorized into four, namely: individual, family, young adult, and junior with the family membership being the most expensive ($1,500 in 2018) and the junior membership being the most affordable ($250 for 2018). There are also unlimited cart plans for an individual and a family.

Once you have reached the end of the valid period on your Bay Club Guest Pass, you should think about becoming a full-time member. Just think about all the membership privileges that you can enjoy!

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